Friday, July 22

the birds upon the treetop

When I was a little girl (53 now, so that means many moons ago!!) I used to sing a song called "The Birds Upon the Treetop" or (Birdies in the Treetop) and while it is just a short short chorus - it has stuck with me.  I first found myself singing it when my grandson was born and I would hold him.  It just came out, this old song.  Thing is, I found that if he was a little bit restless, he would settle right down when I sang this little tune.

As he has grown I have continued to sing it again, and again, and again.  Yesterday I was in the park with him, and I am sure I pushed him in the swing for half an hour straight.  He was looking at everything as he swung in the little bucket swing.  He pointed to the moon.  He sees each plane that flies even before we do.  He loves to watch the birds and turns toward the sound of them.  He just swung and swung, and I said "Should Granny sing" and he smiled and shook his head "yes".
 So, I sang the song:

The birds upon the treetop sing their song
The angels chant their chorus all day long
The flowers in the garden blend their hue
So why shouldn't I 
Why shouldn't you
Praise Him too.

He swung, I sang.  We called birds (that's what we call it when he makes little screams) and listened for them.  We pointed to the planes, and looked at the moon!  That was part of yesterday.

Today, I came to watch him while Leah did some errands and met a girlfriend for lunch.  (working only part-time has its perks for me!)  And we played, and we read books, and we sang.  It was so funny because as I sang it, he went into this little "quiet spell" and just listened.  I loved it when it sounds like he is trying to sing along with me.  After lunch, we got ready for his nap.  He ran and got his blankie, and we picked a book (which he laughed through as each new page was turned) and then I sang to him my favorite song (yep, the birdies one...) He cuddled up against me, and hunkered in close and quiet.  I sang it three times, told him "time for sleep time, Granny loves you" and laid him down in his crib. Once again this little song did its little trick.

It is funny how, in this day and age with all kinds of music - and with all the actions and wild lyrics, the one that settles is just pure and simple.  Just me and my little grandson praising Him too!!

Pure and simple delight!

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Gayle said...

I agree with you about the simple children's songs of "long ago"! There should be more singing of the oldies children's songs!