Friday, July 1

5 years since Dad K went "home"

It hardly seems like 5 years.
5 years since I had surgery.
5 years since Dad Klassen breathed his last breath this side of Heaven!
I remember as I was recovering during the month of May and June ...
Dad was getting worse, and losing his fight with the deadly "C"
Actually the 3rd cancer
First there was the big football sized mass they removed from his abdomen
Then there was the tumor they shaved off his kidney
And then ... the one that took him quickly and mercilessly.
The cancerous tumours in his liver.

I remember those days.
The last day that dad came over and sat around the fire.
June 5th.
My birthday.
Dad and Mom actually drove over the little stone's throw distance to our place
And he gingerly sat around the campfire.
That was the last day he ventured out
Until the day he was taken by transfer car into emergency ... and then admitted into Riverview.
And that was where he passed away.

I will never forget that day - Neil, Mom and I spent the late afternoon and evening with him - 
and while the fireworks were going off at the Forks,
dad was breathing his last breaths
and then he entered glory.
Absent from the body but together with the Lord.

It has been 5 years.
Sometimes it seems like yesterday
Sometimes it seems like forever.
We miss him so much.
He was wise, loving, gentle but firm.
He was knowledgeable and very giving.
He loved us and we loved him.
We had no doubt how much!

Dad - John H. Klassen
We miss you so much.

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