Wednesday, July 20


Not sure what is with me ~ whether it is the heat (which we pay to have in winter!) or what (still struggling with fatigue due to low iron) BUT whatever it is - I am finding that lately - I am NOT in a routine or a "disciplined" lifestyle and so a few things go by the wayside including (I hate to say) my time with the Lord.  Why is it - the things I LOVE to do - I struggle to do!  O Father, forgive me!

I have decided to get back into the Psalms.  I used to use the Psalms daily - and sometimes I would go "ah, yes, this one is for me" and my heart would truly sing!  Other times the Psalms were used as my "lament" when my heart was heavy and tears were many.  And then other times, I would read the Psalm and wonder what in the world it meant for me today!

So - I am getting back into them, and I will also be using some of Beth Moore's study called STEPPING UP ~ a journey through the Psalms of Ascent.

I want to share something she writes.  I read this and it was like an "aha" moment - and resonated deeply within my heart.  (My heart which I feel is parched like our gardens are in this intense heat wave we are experiencing).  Thing is - I know the one who can quench the thirst and fill me to overflowing.  O dear Jesus ... I need you.

Here is what Beth Moore says in her intro of her stepping up manual.
"I expect nothing less than a new level of intimacy with God through these pages.  I ask  you to settle for nothing less as well.  The more we bare our souls to God, the safer we'll feel with Him and the closer we'll draw to Him.  If we'll let Him, God will turn each of us into true worshipers, fully released to celebrate Him, reverence Him, laugh with Him, cry with Him, and even make our complaints to Him.  God is our hiding place.  Our shelter through the storm.  Let's find Him in a way we've not yet known."

Oh Lord Jesus ... yes.  I say YES Lord - I want to love you more fully, get to know you more intimately, and ask you to refill, refuel and renew me!

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