Sunday, July 24

Remembering our little Jay Benjamin Klassen ~ born three years ago today

 I would love to share with you again, the beautiful pictures taken by our family friend Jeremy.
You can still watch the dvd which he lovingly put together, and has kept on the internet.
The song still speaks deeply into my being. 
 Check out

 (this label was one that I sewed on, and wrote a little message on for our little grandson Jay.  The message was written on a piece of my grad dress.  I wanted a "little piece of Granny" to be with our little guy no matter where he went with his blanket.  Jay was lovingly wrapped up in the blanket that I made with so much love.)

Our little Grandson ~ Jay Benjamin Klassen
July 24th, 2008

Dear Little One
how much we miss you
not a day goes by
that we don't think of you
and our hearts don't ache to hug you

Jay Benjamin Klassen
what a sweet boy you would be
if you had stayed here with us
but what an amazing boy
you are
in the presence of Jesus
the One who created you
and the One who took you home to be with Him
before you were even born

We still don't understand
and yet we trust
We still weep
but not as those who have no hope
We still imagine
what you would look like
how fast you would run
the sound of your voice
the way you would hug your mommy and daddy
and how you would play with your little brother Everett

We wish you were here
the depth of our pain is still greatly felt,
daily we continue on in our journey of grieving
and God is carrying us 
We know that for sure.

Poppa and I speak your name often
We watch other little children
and wonder aloud at what you would be doing...
I wonder how many dandelions you would bring
 in a bouquet for your mommy.
I wonder how many tools you would take of your daddy's.
I wonder how many pushes Poppa would have given you on a swing
I wonder how many times I would have whispered in your ear
"Jay, Granny loves you!"
Or how many time I would cuddle and sing to you!

I imagine the treasures that your mommy would find in your pockets

And the bottom line is
Poppa and Granny miss you so terribly much
We will always miss you
but one day
we will see you again
And then sweet Grandson
We will hug you tightly when we see you in Heaven.

But for today
I know you are with Jesus
and with your great grandparents
I know that you are having the time of your life there
And that makes me imagine
and smile
But I still miss you
so terribly

Jay Benjamin
I love you sweet one!
Jesus - please tell him just how much!


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