Saturday, July 23

James calling...

Oh my goodness.  What is happening to me?  Am I really losing it?  (okay, don't all say yes at this point!)  I am thinking that life has just become a little "full" .

This morning I did have the alarm set.  Alvin came home from work as the alarm was going off.  I kept snoozing.  The wind coming in through the bedroom window was absolutely wonderfully cool.  It was a nice break after the hot humid weather we have been having.

All of a sudden I hear my phone ringing.  By the time I got to it - it had stopped ringing.  I looked at the number displayed and thought it was one more of those telemarketer calls.  But thought I would check the voicemail "just in case."  That is when I heard James' voice.  James.  My boss.  He left a message just wondering if I was okay, as I was on the schedule for today but wasn't it.

Well - 15 minutes later... I was in at work.  15 minutes!  To change, and to leave.  All the way wondering what the heck happened and WHY I forgot?  I have changed a few shifts lately, including a Saturday shift in August.  (perhaps that mixed me up)  Thing is - it was on my daytimer... I just for some reason had not checked and had actually told someone that I "didn't work until Monday".

Oh Joy...  :(

When I got into work - everyone that knew I was MIA was relieved to see me.  Rose, my co-worker texted and called.  She was concerned.  One of my co-workers told our charge nurse "that was unlike Joy".  Oh, you bet it is.

You see, yesterday I was talking with Rose, Debbie and Lesley and made the comment "I have never been sick or late since I started".  And then ... this morning happened!

You have heard of the saying PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL?
hmmm..... experienced it first hand today.  Thankfully my boss said not to worry ~ "it happens".
I hope that it doesn't happen again!

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