Wednesday, July 13

Exit Stage Left

When I was young (some days it seems like a LONG time ago!) I used to watch cartoons with Snagglepuss in them.  He used to always say - EXIT STAGE LEFT (or maybe it was stage right?)  Whatever.... I had an "aha" moment the other day.

I was leaving for work, bright and early on Friday morning, and I had this moment where God used some thing that I do every day - to speak into my life!  God is SO like that!!

I walked down the hall - took the elevator down to the parking floor - and got out of the elevator at "P" ... and it was so weird, every time I get to the parking level - I want to walk out and turn right!  EVERY TIME!!  I think it is because when I go up to the condo - that is what I do.  I get out and turn right since the  condo is down the hall to the right!

Anyhow, when I realized that the other morning (my inclination to go right all the time) it made me think of when we went with the kids to Florida in 2005.  Josh decided that since he read that everyone normally goes right at the theme parks - we went left!  And of course - we did encounter less traffic, and shorter lines (although at times it did feel like a salmon going upstream!).

This made me think about our lives and how we somehow want to keep repeating our same mistakes - or we want to keep on turning right when we know we should be heading the other way.  Somehow it is just easier to do the same thing over and over - by rote! (even if sometimes it is not the BEST thing to do!)  Why is it that we are such creatures of habit!  We like to pick the easy way - instead of the road less travelled.

Sometimes following Jesus Christ seems like it is hard - but eventually, as we make His Way OUR way - it will feel more and more like the ONLY way, which is what it really is!  I can hardly wait for that moment when there is nothing else I want more - each step of my day, than constantly turning to follow HIM ~ no matter where the crowd is going!  He said "I am the way, the truth and the life - no one comes to the Father except through me!"

Wherever He goes - I want to follow!!  Exit - Stage "JESUS"

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