Wednesday, July 27

reliving the "old" days

So last week Alvin told me that Tim (my youngest brother aka the "baby brother") said we should take his brand spankin new Victory motorcycle out and go cruisin'.  On Saturday, Jody followed up to make sure we were taking Tim up on the offer.  (Tim was out of town on a golf tournament).  So, we decided that we would take it out Sunday afternoon.  We spoke with friends ahead of time, and in the end, went cruising with Wayne and Jo (on their bike) and Willy and Betty (in their little convertible).

Now first of all - I have to tell you this just isn't ANY motorcycle.  It is a brand new - shiny black/chrom Victory cycle by Polaris.  I had to laugh because well, if any of you know my little brother when he was just old enough to talk, he has always been a dedicated, true Polaris fan!  I think it all started because Dad sold Polaris (was head of the Polaris plant that was built in Beausejour and ran for about 5 years or so).  When Tim was little (knee-high to a grasshopper) he would not let my mom cover him with a yellow blanket because "those were Ski-doo colors!!" and when my dad phone home once, Tim was overheard saying "And Daddy, I didn't say ski-doo once!"  SO needless to say - it is just in this guys genes!!  ANYHOW... his long awaited dream came true and he is the very proud owner of this beautiful bike!  The one that he let us take (and it was HIS suggestion).... and since we used to have a motorcycle - Alvin still has an active license for driving, and we were very excited about the adventure.  So, the four of us on bikes, followed the little red convertible through twists and turns, over beautiful country.

We rode, we stopped for ice-cream, we rode, we stopped for supper, and we rode some more!  By the time we brought it back - I will admit, my butt and back were sore. I know I am out of shape - but really? I didn't know I would feel it so much after riding a motorcycle!! And that is WITH a nice seat and back rest!

For a couple years I have been telling Alvin that we should buy a bike.  And then well, I thought we should buy a convertible.  I think for us, (or for me especially) a convertible would be a better choice!
I would hate to think I am too old and out of shape for motorcycling ... but I think (I feel) I am.

Thanks Tim and Jo for lending and encouraging us to borrow Tim's bike!
Love you guys!

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