Tuesday, April 24

impromptu PicNic

an impromptu picnic
sitting on blankets
on the land
that belongs to my kids
the wind was strong
but the fellowship was sweet
as we hunkered down together
sitting in a tight little circle
eating yummy sandwiches
and vegetables with dip

an impromptu picnic
with an invitation given by text
and a heartily YES
when i asked my husband if he wanted to join the kids
and the grandkids
at the land

an impromptu picnic
carrots thrown into the grass
for the rabbits
everett is always thinking of something!
a lot of story telling
by a little guy who loves to laugh
and make us laugh

an impromptu picnic
little baby rogie fast asleep in his car seat
while everett runs
and slides
and runs some more
if i could only harness a bit of that energy

an impromptu picnic
at the land where
our kids and grandkids will live
one family to build this summer
and one family to build the next
and only short kms away from alvin and i

an impromptu picnic
building memories
as a foundation for all the memories to come
and we

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