Saturday, April 7


I am wondering, how Mary slept, the night before Resurrection Sunday - the first Easter.  I can not imagine her exhaustion, emotionally especially, after watching her son Jesus - beaten, stripped, whipped, hung on a cross.  I. Can't. Imagine.

Did she get it?  Did she had an inside scoop on the fact that her son WOULD rise again.  After all, she knew He WAS the Son of God, and really, nothing would be impossible.  But perhaps she didn't "get" that yet.

I can't imagine how she must have wept until there were no more tears left.  I just can't imagine.

Little did she know, way back then, that when she reaised her head off the pillow - that her son would be ALIVE!  That HE would be victorious over death, hell and the grave!  Hallelujah, wht a Saviour!!

There is soemthing about sunrise.  A new friend that I have - is over in Jerusalem, and she posted on her facebook wall that she is off to the empty tomb for sunrise!  I am so envious!  There is something special about sunrises, and Sunrise on Easter Sunday - what a celebration!!

We used to do "sunrise services" with youth.  I keep thinking we should do a service together with friends - but didn't plan it yet.  However, I am wanted to get up early, and head to Sunnyside Cemetary - I want to take flowers there, but I also want to be up on Easter Sunday - when the sun rises.  From Sunnyside - you can see the whole city!  This is my plan!

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