Sunday, April 1

Is Jesus Enough?

the sun shines through the patio door but through the window one can see that the sky is grey

the grove of trees between the barn and the house

Alvin and Michael clean the grove up - and now it waits for new growth to begin

the early morning ~ what will this day hold

I decided that this year, I am going to have flowers!!  So, I bought these for myself.
Tulips!  Bright and Cheery and a sign of SPRING.

There is something about seasons.

or is it
Autumn and

or perhaps
or ... well,
you get the drift.

Which seasons do we start with?
Why does it seem some seasons are SO MUCH LONGER than others
Why do we relate to one season over the other?


creation falls into the rhythm of seasonal change
we are just in SPRING right now
I love spring.
(except for the allergies that I have along with it!)

But I know that we also experience seasons as we age
(turning 54 means that I am in what season ??)

We also experience seasons emotionally.
(oh, I know that one REAL well)

AND ... in our SPIRITUAL life, we go through seasons too.


I am a lover of all the seasons, except for the brutal cold of the winter, but I love the LOOK of the winter season!  I however LOVE SPRING and I also LOVE AUTUMN, although the latter love is a bitter sweet kind of love.

In my life - I have also gone through the emotional passing of seasons.  There have been times when I feel like I have been stuck in the WINTER TIME of my soul over and over again.  However it is during these times I will admit, that I have grown more in love with Jesus AND have learned the most AND heard him speak the most.

I just began (yesterday) reading a book called SPIRITUAL RHYTHM by Mark Buchanan.  On the cover the sub title says, "being with Jesus every season of your Soul."  So, yesterday, as I sat on the rooftop patio of my work place, after eating my lunch, I pulled out this book and turned the first few pages and began to read (and underlined/starred).  Didn't get too far but already had tons to think about.  Such as the following statement that Mark Buchanan wrote:

"What I want to know:  Is Jesus the man for all seasons?"

And then a little farther, he writes:
"Here is the man for all seasons:  overflowing with joy, intimate with sorrow,hospitable to sinners, nemesis of evil, tempted in all ways, innocent of all wrongdoing, at home in lonely places, the life of the party, one who turns water into wine, just because he can, who multiplies loaves and fishes, just because he cares, but who denies help to his cousin John as he languishes in prison, who, indeed, refuses to help himself when he staggers in a desert or groans from a cross.  He goes up on mountains and down in valleys.  He preaches to thousands but takes time for any lone beggar, weeping whore, groveling invalid, writhing demoniac, pleading father.  He leaves banquets to visit the sick ward.  He is silent when talking would help his cause, and talkative when silence seems most prudent.  He is rude with bullies and phonies and prigs and, at the same time, tender with losers and seekers and penitents. 

He's with us when we soar on wings as eagles, and probably even when we wingsuit jump, and with us, too, when we can't walk for fainting.

And everywhere in between.

... what I do know is that Jesus is enough."  (page 12)

This has resonated with me, because I know the bleakness of long winters (oh do I know) and the beauty of summers, the new beginnings of spring, and the dying and falling to the ground that comes with autumn. I "get" and have experienced this.  But I agree with Mark that what I DO KNOW ... is that JESUS IS ENOUGH.  (oh Jesus, you are WAY MORE than enough!)

Journey through this book with me!

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