Thursday, February 4


Okay - so there is a new book out called Healthy Sin Foods. Really - healthy & sin in one title? Some how healthy and sin seems to be at odds with one another - especially when the word FOODS is put at the end. (Actually come to think of it further - there is never anything healthy about any kind of sin!)

Which leads me to today. I began the day early - out the door at 7:30 for my physio app.

Took my breakfast choices and cup of coffee with me. (cottage cheese on the run, with a little yogurt = concentrated protein and dairy). Then next stop was CURVES (water break). And then on to Mountain Bean for a visit with my friend Barb. (Visits are always great over a big mug of black coffee, a bottle of perrier water, and later 2 TB pumpkin seeds). And, it was great to catch up with Barb!

And then - I ended up doing some emotional eating. I HATE it when I give in to that. I know exactly when it happened and why. It was a real bad "knee-jerk" reaction to a conversation I had with someone. It was like I was looking at the thing I ate (gingersnaps) and having a mental struggle as it was going into my mouth! (why are you doing this vs I want to because I feel emotional right now!) As Leyla would say (and I could imagine the words) "Joy, you have to figure out WHY you give into the emotional eating especially when you realize it is happening!"

Okay, at that point, I threw the half eaten cookie out the window however it did not stop me from picking at one later. What the heck is all that about.

I KNOW what it is about. My emotional junk still overrides my better judgment. Darn.

I am so glad that we are getting together with our counsellor again - somehow we just need to talk through a couple things again. For the most part - I have tried to work through some of this so that I don't keep losing and gaining and losing back the same ten lbs. due to emotional eating.

I have to figure out a better way to deal with the stuff - which doesn't involve food! (whether healthy food, or sinful food.... giving in to emotional eating is just wrong!) I have to remember to keep giving God all of the stuff - even the cravings for gingersnap cookies.

At least I ended off the day with a good supper - stir fry, chicken, brown rice... (well Alvin ate the rice!) and water and later raspberries. I feel better all around when I eat better. And - Alvin enjoyed a couple gingersnaps with his coffee!

I think I am learning - slowly, surely. I am also very glad that I have made arrangements to have coffee with our counsellor next week. (it is just a double blessing that she has also become my friend!)

Healthy Sin Foods - I didn't get what the article on the news was all about - but the bottom line is that tomorrow - I want to make all HEALTHY FOOD choices - and plan ahead. Emotional stuff will always happen - it just has to stop bringing me down! For some reason, I was trying to carry this myself today! I have to continue to go with my mantra for this year ~ With God I can in 2010.

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Leah said...

I'm so proud of you Mom. One slip up doesn't have to ruin your whole day. I'm glad that you were able to re-bound from the cookies! Try not to be too hard on yourself when you make a bad choice...that'll only make you want to console yourself with more least that's how it works for me. Love you!