Monday, February 1

Manna for each day.... O Lord - your grace is enough!

Today I wept. Both times it was at the church that I had pastored in. Both times it was with two different friends. One time my young friend wiped her eyes, in response to my tears, which caught me by surprise. The second time was after the Beth Moore DVD when a good friend came up, put her arm around me and wept FOR me... and I wept too. Both times were in relationship to the same stuff I am working through. (ya, more of the same).

It was a good day today, don't get me wrong. I had lab work done after fasting... I went to the clinic to "weigh in" (total 11 lbs) ...had lunch with my daughter (she treated me today) ... I visited with my friend Sue (whom I have missed like crazy over the past little while) and chatted over coffee...went for my chiro app... I went to physio, went for a quick supper (which was totally NOT what I should have chosen) and went to the Beth Moore Study and came home. It's late, but I have alot of stuff rattling around in my brain!

Tonight was the DVD response to our last week of study. What a week... "New Starts and Barren Hearts" was the title for the week. It was (in Beth's words)
  1. A Glimpse of the Wilderness
  2. The Bittersweetness of Marah
  3. The Trouble With Old Appetites
  4. Glorious Morning and
  5. Clothes that Last

The last week basicall talked about how God heard the cries of His children, the Israelites, and how He faithfully met their needs. She said, "Our own insufficiencies are only invitations to experience the supernatural sufficiency of a universally powerful, personally responsible God!"

The lesson that particularly spoke into my heart was the one on Day 4 called GLORIOUS MORNING. It talked about how God (PROVIDER) wanted us to recognize that HE IS OUR DAILY PROVISION! It was the whole story about how God provided for them in the wilderness - the mannah. Each one was "to gather" what they needed... and it just so happened that each one got exactly what they needed for their family. It was in the morning that they went out, and saw it, like "flakes" on the ground.

Beth shared in the DVD that God was teaching them something so special and important through the manna that he sent down from heaven for them. They were to gather it DAILY. It was their daily provision.

She talked about how we love to STORE things - but that the "bread of Heaven" must be gathered FRESH every day - and that we will never have a "healthy" relationship with the Lord unless we "gather the Bread of Heaven" daily and form a relationship with Him. She underscored that "the God of the Universe desires to commune with us every single day!"

I KNOW that God - and His Grace - IS sufficient for me! I know that. I also know that HE IS the one that will walk me through ANY and EVERY crisis in my life. That "his mercies are new every morning." O Lord - I thank you for this reminder - help me to cling to your promises - you are an amaZing God!! My Lord and My God!

O Lord - how sweet is the time spent with you. Help me to make you, and time in your Word - a priority! Thank you for the one on one time spent with women today - Ashley, Leyla, Sue, Jeannette. Thank you for the hugs I was given today (besides my sweet man) Ashley, Jeannette, Sue, Karis, Tracy. Thank you for the words of encouragement, love and support from friends and family: Ashley (over lunch), Jeannette (over supper), Karis and Irene and Lisa...I love my friends.

Your grace is enough... FOR ME! Thank you Lord!

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