Tuesday, February 2

Good Night Moon

outside, the snow crunches as I walk
it is dark
the dog and I follow the little path from the back garage door - to the wood boiler
he runs ahead. Blind. Deaf. But not stupid.
he knows the routine, and is glad that he is out stretching his legs
the light from the house gives some light to the yard beyond
the woodsmoke rises straight up from the chimney
there is no wind
as i get to the boiler, even in the dark I can see that the temperature gauge is high
my son-in-law stoked the boiler well. mental note: send text to Michael to say thanks
beside the boiler, is a pile of wood for me to use
much easier tasking - loading the boiler - when the wood doesn't have to be carried over
the boiler door opened - the glow of wood still burning meets my eyes
it is so much easier loading wood onto burning wood, instead of trying to start up a new fire!
not sure what it will be like in the morning.
this morning, the wood had all burned and there was minimal embers left.

the dog investigated the outdoors
and even with his limited senses, he seems to know when I clap my hands together
he knows it means he can run up to me, jump up with his front paws on my front
- and get his head rubbed
he is such a good and loyal dog

as i am working outside, i stop to look up at the sky
the stars are bright.
the night is dark
the heavens are declaring the glory of God!!

it is quiet as I return to the house
only the sound of my walking in the snow
the dog runs back to the door - waiting to be let in
it is night - and we are all settled inside.
Good-Night Moon.

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