Tuesday, February 16

little SURPRISES along the way (coffee and conversations continue...)

It's just like God.... to surPrise us when we least expect. Things in life that happen way better than if we had tried to make them work. Like today. I got to have a short (45 min) visit (over Pepsi for him, and diet Pepsi for me) in the mall foodcourt. I had gone to get a shower gift - and was just going to leave when I realized the man coming toward me was my brother B. I have thought so often about him, and chatted on the phone with him, but this was an unexpected visit in an unexpected place. It was good.

My brother is 1.5 years my junior. I am very proud of my brother. He is working hard at overcoming some strongholds in his life. As he said today, he is seeing with much clearer eyes. It is a joy to talk with him. It is encouraging to hear how he is trusting God for each step. Sometimes when I have struggled with my "food plan" (weight being my stronghold) I have often thought of him. Is it easy for my brother. Not in your life. Sometimes seeing clearly brings many emotions to the forefront that before one could just choose not to think of. I have listened to him over the past 7.5 months or so - and have seen how he has come to depend on the Lord in a new and exciting way. I have seen how the Lord of his youth, has truly become HIS Lord...
It is exciting. I thank God for B. and for what the Lord is doing in His life... one day at a time.
And, today, I thank God for the unexpected meeting in the mall, and a talk over a pepsi, and the chance to drive him to work.

This morning, I had a "planned" coffee time with my young friend Amber. It was a good visit - and I love hearing what God is doing in her life. This young woman has a heart after God's own. I have watched her grow up in our church... and thank God for the way she pours into the lives of others - specifically children in the north end of the city. She is going to become a social worker - and I once told her that she had exactly what was needed... a heart for people. I am convinced she is going to make such an amazing social worker, but no doubt her heart will break often for children. It was so good to visit with her for 2.5 hours over a Chai Latte (I know, not a coffee!! The girl here at Mountain Bean could not believe I wasn't having my "normal" and raised her eyebrows!!)

Now I am back at Mountain Bean - and waiting to have coffee with Meggie, who I worked with at the church. She is off work at 4 so I have a few minutes to complete this post and put my computer away. And yes, this time I am having a big mug of black coffee!! This is another impromptu coffee surprise! A quick one before I go get my man at the firehall.

So - today - God has given me little surprises along the way - some planned, some unplanned. Some in a coffee shop and some in unexpected places. Today I am thankful for the blue sky - the sun that is shining. I am thankful for the work-out I had at Curves, for the chai tea latte, for the gift of family, for the gift of siblings who are teaching me life lessons through their lives, for the gift of coffee visits with old co-workers, for the gift today of LESS PAIN!! My FMS has been much better these last couple days and I am so thankful!

God thank you for unexpected surprises in my day. For good conversations. Thank you for young friends, and for old friends. Thank you for this day, which smells like spring!! For teaching me through others, that you care so much about our lives. God, thank you for today.

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