Wednesday, August 26

The first of the lasts.....

Well it is Wednesday night, and I have experienced many of the firsts of the lasts in my ministry at McIvor. What I mean is that, being I have only 3 full days left of paid ministry - I am winding down - and doing a few last things. Tomorrow I will preach my sermon for the second last time - and then on Sunday - give it for the last time. I have loved the preaching component of ministry - and thank God for giving me both opportunity and affirmation. I pray that as I speak these last two times - people will be able to see Jesus only, and hear his words through my lips. I prayed about this sermon - and believe he has given me the words from his heart to mine. Lord thank you for the words you have given me to speak.

Today I was treated to a tasty lunch at Mongoes Grill and a great visit with my pastoral advisor Marilyn. She blessed me and has been such a woman of wisdom, support, love and a discerning voice in my life. Lord, thank you for Marilyn.

Today I took minutes for the last time - as we sat together one last time for our pastoral roundtable. I was blessed by the words Gerry spoke and shared the portion from Philippians 1 about God who began a great work in you will bring it to completion. (my translation, sorry, don't have my bible closeby). My dad and mom gave me this portion one year - I believe it - God is at work in us. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to minister with this team.

Today I met with about 15 women - 13 of us who happened to go to the Beth Moore event in Fargo a week or so ago. It was a time of hearing what God laid on their hearts - a time of sharing - it was good. I love the fact that Chris and Nely, Kim and Lisa, Karin and Leanne, Tara and Linda, Nellie and Irene, Irene and Lianne, Karis and myself were all free for a Beth Moore debrief. It was a first and also a last since I will not be in ministry to debrief with women after the next ones. However - God has been calling me to continue to minister with women - perhaps even doing coffee hours - not sure how it will look, but I feel like there is something I am to do about this. Lord, thank you for these women who blessed me tonight. Please show me my continued role in the lives of women.

It has been a day that I have done many firsts of the lasts. I want to continue to trust you for all things - Lord, please give me wisdom and discernment and clarity.
Thank you Lord. I sure love you!

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