Sunday, August 16

how God used Beth Moore to bless the socks off us!

Last night, as Alvin and I sat in Skinners, he asked me, "So, what did Beth have to say?" (You see, Alvin has been blessed by Beth Moore's teachings too). So I began to tell him, and then got into the car, grabbed my book that I took notes in, and talked ALL the way home to Anola.

I had just returned from a most amazing and fun time to Fargo, ND for the 2009 Living Proof Live conference with Beth Moore. 4500+ women gathered in the Fargodome.
I was there with someone whom I call one of my best friends and sisters. She is like a sister, and has been for many, many, many years...

Leaving early on Friday - we crossed the border, stopping for bathroom, coffee and a little shopping before going to our hotel only to change and head to the dome to get in line!

The worship - oh, sometimes I just had to shut my eyes and listen.
And then the teaching that God gave Beth to teach on - a scripture she said she has NOT wanted to teach on ever - but God said this was what it was to be. Judges 4 and 5. Many people put her down - think she is too out there - but all that I saw was a Woman of God who lived a celebrated journey with the Lord our God. A woman whose personality is as "cute" as she is. A woman who is one of the most humble women I have ever heard. BUT.... what God gave her to speak on --- I KNEW GOD HAD SOMETHING FOR ME!! And, I was overwhelmed with all that He said TO ME through her, and I KNOW that He was speaking constantly to other women as well.

Her question to begin the weekend was "What makes a story fit for a song?" You see Judges chaper 4 and 5 are the same story but chapter 4 is a story in prose, and chapter 5 is the story in song. (And what a song it is!)

She said, she believes that at critical moments in our lives, if we could have our hearing loosed - we would hear some amazing music!

She talked about Psalm 32:7 - "You are my hiding place; you will progect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverence."

and Zephaniah 3:17 - The Lord your God is with you; he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.
(Okay, it is NO coincidence that this verse, back in 2001 when I was asking God for a verse to also partner with the retreat vision, he gave me just the reference Zeph 3:17. When I looked it up, I was so touched by what God said to me through this, and what he has in store for women!! Then, later that year, Leah gave the same verse to me without knowing God had already given it.) Coincidence? NEVER!! One more God thing - praise you Lord.

Anyhow, back to Beth...
Then she said, write down THE SONG OF... and put in your name. So I wrote THE SONG OF JOY.
And began the thinking - what is my song? what is my story?
O Lord - what a story it is.

She said there were 8 points to a great story -
1. A story with considerable drama
2. A story with a great cast of characters! (she said, even people you may not like have a place in your song!!)
3. A great story is a story of God's drection, not just man's convention.
4. A story of a life willing to GO not determined to STAY!
5. A story of unexpected twists and turns (look at Judges 4: 1-20 for instance!)
6. A great story is a story werer the only MAIN character is GOD!!
7. A story displaning the expoints of many!
8. and finally - a great story is a story of tested character and true courage!

At the end - she had us face one another - and speak the words to each other, as we looked into one another's eyes the whole time, and held our sister's hands.
And of course - I wept, I was so moved.

What is my story - what would my song be! O God - I know you are the main character in my story - and I also know that there have been many twists and turns that I just can't seem to say thank you for - BUT I see how you are taking them, and making something beautiful out of all of it! I also know that I am searching you - to show me what it is you are calling me to in the short term once I am done in my current church setting. I know O God - that there is song of great adventure - and this chapter is almost complete, but a bigger and even more exciting chapter is about to be written, and Lord God - I really don't want to miss a single word of it!!
Help me to walk with integrity - with dignity - and with boldness. Increase my faith!! O Lord - find me faithful. And Lord - thank you for using Beth to speak your words to my heart - thank you.


Teri said...

Oh faithful warrior! It's great to see how Beth touched/is touching your life. I too was at the FarGODome and was blown away & feel completely blessed by the teachings of Beth Moore. I was searching online for some sort of reference to Beth speaking on being "Might warriors" for each other ~ I'm trying to piece her thoughts on this from my memory...which is short. ;-) Any thoughts to prompt me?
Standing firm on Christ's foundation,

Joy K. said...

Hi Teri
If I remember correctly - that was all part of when we stood in pairs and spoke truth to the person we were paired with at the end - I know that as my friend and I looking each other in the eyes - I wept through the first part. I remember Beth finishing with the words from Judges 5 - and encouraging us to be women of dignity - mighty women of God - and remember she encouraged us to get warriors around us - to support, pray for us and us for one another. Teri, where are you from? Fargo?