Sunday, June 5

53 things that I love about my life

Today is my birthday.  I just got home from being out with six very good friends for supper/gelati and coffee.  This morning, dawn marked the completion of my 53rd year!  53!  Somehow I do not feel older!  Okay, sometimes I feel old when my bones are aching!  Anyhow - I decided that to celebrate - I would write down 53 things that I love about my life - and that I thank God for ... so, here they are!!
  1. Jesus Christ - my Lord and Saviour!
  2. my sweetheart Alvin ~ of almost 37 years almost (which includes the almost 4 years we dated)
  3. my kids - all 4:  Josh, Ashley, Leah and Michael (I wrote them the way they came into our family!)
  4. my sweet sweet Grandsons:  Jay Benjamin in Heaven; Everett John - here with us on earth!
  5. my extended families!
  6. my friends who love me, put up with me, listen with me, cry with me ... you know who you are
  7. my church family
  8. my care groups and "coffee" group:  you all have been my lifeline at times!
  10. Sunshine on my skin
  11. my work with Canadian Blood Services
  12. COFFEE!
  13. the smell of my grandson's hair after his bath
  14. laughter (complete with tears rolling down the cheeks at times)
  15. fellowship over a good meal
  16. a good place to journal
  17. my BIBLE!!
  18. meeting new people daily
  19. cold pillows when sleep
  20. walks along the gravel roads
  21. opportunity to share my life story with others
  22. walks with my man
  23. watching birds at the feeder
  24. spending time with my family just hanging out
  25. hours spent journalling (what WILL my kids do with them when I am gone?"
  26. singing and cuddling with Everett
  27. Curves exercise times
  28. travelling!  (I just LOVE travelling!)
  29. the breeze that blows through the window at night
  30. seeing today's young people so passionately living for Jesus
  31. Beth Moore bible studies
  32. fuzzy yellow caterpillars
  33. sharing grandchildren stories with my friends
  34. watching older couples walk hand in hand
  35. building the ministry (or watching Alvin and the boys building it!)
  36. reading 
  37. BBQ'd steak or ribs!
  38. singing to my grandson
  39. smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning
  40. creation around me
  41. bouquets of flowers!
  42. curling up with my husband as we fall asleep
  43. driving in a convertible (when we borrow Josh and Leah's)
  44. realizing that I can still learn new things - never too old for that
  45. remembering my mom and dad and their input into my life
  46. learning new things each time I read God's Word
  47. the sights, the sounds, the smells at a baseball game
  48. music - the universal language
  49. the seasons with all their beauty
  50. the feel of sand between my toes
  51. sitting by the ocean
  52. knowing that I am beloved!
  53. knowing that each day is a gift from God!

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