Saturday, June 25

things that made me smile today

Today I was wondering about a few things that happened.  First of all - I was driving to work at 7 am ... and came to an intersection where the streets are sort of rearranged because of construction.  I was almost going through when I thought perhaps the lights way to the right were for this intersection.  I stopped but then I went!!  WHY DID I DO THAT??  Not sure THAT will make me smile because it was actually a photo camera intersection.  :(

I was walking behind someone that had his white sports socks pulled right up to his knees and his shorts were long and so you couldn't see any of his leg.  So - I smiled, because I always think of what a dilemma it is for guys to wear socks.  First of all:  white socks or black ones?  Then, do you pull them up or leave them down?  Then, should you always wear runners or are other shoes okay?  And if they are shoes - should they ever be sandals?? (I worked with men who always wore berkenstocks and socks)
What a dilema you men have!!  Walking behind that guy and thinking about that made me smile.

On my way home today, as I was driving I saw an older man (about 80's) walking along sidewalk.  It had a railing as it was close to the river.  Some weeds had grown up, and I watched as he slowly bent down and pulled the weeds out by the roots.  Old habits die hard!  I was thinking that his man likely had a nice lawn when he was in a house.  As I drove I noticed that along the path that he had walked - it was devoid of weeds!!  That made me smile.

Today as I was working, people came in to donate blood.  They were happy and thankful for the beautiful day.  It is always nice when they go out feeling like they have truly given the gift of life to another!  I love it when people are friendly and you can chat with them!  Today, many of the people made me smile.

Keep Smiling ~ 
it makes people wonder what you've been up to!
author unknown

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