Tuesday, June 7

some favorite pics from the land today!

I spent some time at the land today.  First of all - Ash and I went and got lunch ready for the boys.  It was so neat to see what they were working on all morning.

I then left and returned a few hours later, so that I could bring Alvin home.  We decided to eat at the land.  It was exciting to see what the guys had done in the hours of the afternoon. 

While we were there - Josh and Leah and Everett came back to the land - and what fun to have our little guy there - checking things out.  Of course - Papa is more than willing to take him to try out the tractor, and to share his fruit drink with him too! 

What a wonderful ending to a great day!  Thought I would share a few fav pictures from today.
 a little piece of watermelon while Ev checks out part of the new deck

 when the boys were done for today - part of the overhang roof was up!  looking good!

 sometimes my man DOES take a break ... some times.
 this is what it looked like when I left at one thirty

 tonight, Everett checks out Papa's tractor

 more pictures from this morning
 from left to right:  Alvin, Mike (son), Mike Frank, Ashley, and Josh on the right
 Papa had permission to share some of his fruit drink with Ev
 Just checking out the steps ... no, he didn't get a chance to try them.
Everett standing under the scaffolding

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christine said...

LOVE the design and look of the place!!!!!! wow, its beautiful. but i must admit that i was a little bit distracted by Everett and his cute green shoes.how adorable! I'm pretty smitten with that guy, and we're not even related!!!! go figure.