Thursday, June 23

Look Up .... W-A-Y UP!

Today, as I was on my way home, I spoke with Leah to see how their day went - and of course - to check and see how our little sweetness is.  I was hoping perhaps that I could swing by on my way home!  Sure enough - they were just outside playing, and I loved to hear Leah say "stop by on your way home if you want to" ... that was ALL I needed to hear.  I figured that stopping by for a little playtime and a few hugs and kisses would be a great end to my full work day.

I spoke with Alvin (who was also on his way home from the land) and well, he figured he would stop by and play too.  He made it there before I did.

Alvin loves to play outside with Everett.  He has so much time and patience when it comes to Ev and taking him to check out the truck, the tractor (at the land) and letting him sit in the driver's seat of most of the vehicles that are in our yard.  When he is at Leah and Josh's house - he loves to play ball with Everett. Alvin said to me - "watch how excited Ev gets when I throw the ball up high."  So as I held Everett, Alvin threw up the ball - and well .... there is this tree!  And the ball lodged nicely into its boughs.

I had to laugh and grab my camera (which I take with me everywhere that I go as I do not want to miss any photo op!)  There was Everett - standing on the grass pointing and looking UP ... up, up, up
to the ball in the tree!  So then Alvin had to use another ball to dislodge the first ball, and yes, it did come down and Everett was so pleased.  I love the picture of him looking up!

look closely ... you can see the blue ball in the tree

The good news is that when we left about half hour later - all balls were on the ground and accounted for HOWEVER the birds that must have a nest somewhere in the boughs of this big tree - they were NOT happy, and there was alot of noise from them!  

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