Sunday, June 12

a picture is worth a million words!

I have a one year old "point and shoot" camera. Often I wish I had a more expensive camera - one with better capabilities. But then again I would have to take some classes to learn how to use it, so maybe the Canon point and shoot is sufficient!!

I carry my little pink camera everywhere because you just don't know when you will need to "capture the moment"

I have come to love the images that my little camera catches (especially if they are of our little grandson Everett!) There is just so much to see. So much that reminds us of the greatness of God in creation and life all around us. Hope you enjoy these pictures - they will go without any descriptor on them.

This was the last picture I took as Alvin was locking the gates at the land!
The moon shining through the trees.
My nighttime setting made it look like a silhouette with the moon shining through.

Good night house
Good night tools
Good night birds
Good night Moon

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