Monday, June 20

show us your muscles!

When Josh was little - he used to do "big muscles" for us.  I will never forget seeing him - put both arms up and squeeze and make his muscles for us!  Of course we would laugh and cheer and think it was the cutest thing ever!!  Funny, he still does things that make us laugh and cheer and think he is cute - even though he is now a dad himself.  So.... when Everett started to "make big muscles" for us ~ it just took Alvin and I back to those days when Ev's daddy was the same age.  Where does time fly?

On the weekend, we were sitting around Ash and Mike's table, celebrating Father's Day on Saturday night since the guys were on shift Sunday.  And, Everett started to show us his muscles, and since I try to never go anywhere without my camera - I was able to catch some cute video of our little Sweetness!!

Everett ... show us your muscles!!  The face that he makes will make you laugh!  We did!


ashleymarie said...

i just love this little peanut!

Deanne said...

this made my heart melt!