Monday, June 13

unless the Lord builds the house

Last night I sat inside of the house as Alvin worked on the roof.  I had my book to read, but for a while I just sat there quietly.  Thinking.  Imagining.  Remembering.  And once again I felt something wash over me.  You see, I realized a number of things.  Let me explain.

Back 10 years ago or so, when God laid the retreat vision on my heart ~ you have to know, he laid the details out one by one.  At first HE took me by surprise.  I was sure I was hearing Him speak but I was not sure who I should tell.  It would not be the first time I realized that many do not believe that God speaks tangibly ... with words.  But I can not deny the experiences I have had, one which included the audible voice of God.  Remembering that still makes the hair stand up on my arms.

God laid out some details.  One such detail was that I needed 5 rooms so that I could host 5 women at any given time - 5 women who may want to retreat for a day and/or night.  Not 2 or 4 but 5. 

When we had to go to the municipality to ask if we could do "bed and breakfast" and if we could have "five dedicated rooms instead of 2 that were allowed" I was concerned.  My thoughts were - what do I do if the RM says "No.... 2 or nothing."  Or even if they say 3 rooms only ....
And then I realized that if God said it - then He would bring it to be a reality.  And that night, they passed our requests for 5 rooms for "bed and breakfast/retreat." 

Fast forward to last night.  There I was sitting on some piled wood in the foyer of our house that is under construction.  And as I felt it wash over me - I realized that as God was in all the details in 2001 ... and as He was in the details in 2009 ... He is still in the details now.  He is in the timing of the build being completed.  He is in the day to day construction.  HE IS in control of the project that He has called Alvin and I too.  Oh, there goes the feeling that washed over me last night. 

You see, as I sat there, and watched the sun go down, I noticed how the sun shines onto the big wall on the east side.  I love the sun!  It was then that I realized that Alvin feels fully called to this ministry, even if it is a "women's ministry".  It was then, as I heard him pounding the nails into the shingles on the roof that I realized how invested he was ... so much so that he spends his time, his energy, his prayers ... as well as all of the money from our house that we sold in Anola ~ and he is dedicated to this house build.
We dream together.  He listens as I run details past him.  He drives while I take pictures of siding on houses around the community.  He steps out rooms, and helps me decide where to put the toilet or shower or bathtub.

Alvin is committed.  He believes in what God has laid on my heart, and on what God has since confirmed through a number of things in our lives.  God needs both of us, and many more, in this ministry.  God is using us to build His vision that He has entrusted to us.  No wonder I keep having these reality checkscomplete with goosebumps.  HE IS MAKING IT HAPPEN! 
I Praise You Lord!! 
Psalm 127:1a (New Living Translation)
Unless the Lord builds a house,
the work of the builders is wasted.

Psalm 103: 1-2 (New Living)
Let all that I am praise the Lord;
with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name.
Let all that I am praise the Lord;
may I never forget the good things he does for me.


christine said...

I just got goose-bumps :)

ashleymarie said...

this post is exactly why i shared that song with you the other day! "unless the Lord builds this house, we labour in vain!" i have more than 100% faith in this project. when i imagine my life over the next many years, i picture myself in the retreat house. baking, serving, visiting, cleaning, praying, singing, laughing. makes me cry with excitement :)