Wednesday, December 9

Jeannette and Joy go to Mongo's Grill

Today was a wonderful day! I left home with Alvin at 7:45 am and got home at about 10:30 pm. In between were a whole bunch of wonderful things!! I went to Curves and worked out!! That felt good. Then I went to visit a young mom and her little one. (Janna and Addison) I looked at those little fingers and just imagined in a very short time - when I can look at our little one's little fingers too! Oooo I can hardly wait! Then, I went and had a great visit with Mary, my friend and my counsellor! I love hanging out with Mary and she says she loves hanging out with me! I thank God for her. Now, as if my day was not full enough of people interactions, to finish out the day I got to see Ash, and Michael and then got picked up by Jeannette (Michael's mom) and we spent a couple hours together, over bowls of stir fry and brown rice!! I have to admit that Mongo's is one of my favorite places.

Thing is - the conversation we had was even better. It has been a while since Jeannette and I sat and talked and drank coffee and talked some more. We share her son, and my daughter. Thing I love the most is that Jeannette and I were friends first. We didn't just become friends because our kids fell in love. No - then we became family.

Jeannette listens to my rants, and well - sometimes she says she has a rant or two for me.
Jeannette prays. I love that. I know she is praying for our kids, our little grandbaby and for us as we count down.
Jeannette is "real" and I love that too. Our conversations are not superficial. We have the kind of relationship that we can usually cut to the chase and pick up where we left off.
Jeannette loves to laugh. We aren't always just serious!
Jeannette loves life. Her and I have many many things in common (yep, besides our kids).

Tonight - I thank you Lord again, for the gifts of great friendships, good strong cups of coffee, little ones that bring joy into our lives and show us what miracles are found in babies! Tonight I thank you Lord that you bring people into my life who love-on me... with no strings attached. I am thankful for those I can also listen to, talk with, and love!!
God, thank you so much!

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