Tuesday, December 22

Little One

Our life has changed alot since the birth of our little grandbabe Everett John. A lot! And it is so good! When we get up, we are thinking of when we can go see him! When we lay down ~ we are thinking of him!

Yesterday us two grandma's talked about making meals, helping out, etc... so since they just came home from the hospital yesterday ~ today was the day I would go first. I was looking forward to hugging my little one again!

Just still so brand - new, he already has a nice little pattern going! Sleeps and eats about every three hours. Then, right after he eats, when he is nice and full ~ he likes to look around, opens his eyes, and smiles. Now ~ I know that some of you don't believe this, and say that babies only smile because they have gas. Well ~ I have seen enough little smiles already to believe that our little one is smiling because he wants to!!! (especially when he is being cuddled, which we do all the time!) We have waited too long, to waste time putting him in his crib!!!

Tonight, when Alvin came to Josh and Leah's place ~ it was time to share!! So Alvin held him (after Ashley, the worlds greatest auntie!) and while he held him, I was trying to capture a smile! And, I did ~ soooooooooo cute!!

Yesterday though, WE smiled!! (and smiled, and smiled!) The nurses gave Leah and Josh the go-ahead to take Everett home. Now, Leah had bought him his "coming home" outfit. Putting it on him took a few moments and Everett cried a little while they were trying to get his arms into his little suit. But within minutes of the final fastener being done up ~ I looked and saw our little one FAST ASLEEP... hmm, I think he takes after his Poppa in more ways than one!

I can't help but smile every tiime I look at this little picture! Our little one ~ bundled in his little brown bear outfit. So incredibly cute.

Guess I've bragged enough! Time to go to bed. This Granny's beat!! Hope these little pictures make you smile too!

Lord, thank you for my little one! Our little Everett John! O Lord, from the top of his head to the tip of his toes ~ we give you thanks for this strong little guy! His little cries, his little smiles!! Lord, you are good!


jerandmeagan said...

What a wonderful day. Simply wonderful!
How I love the thought of Josh and Leah walking through their front door with Everett in their arms, holding him in front of the fire in the evening, waking up to his cries in the middle of the night.
My heart feels so full for them just thinking of it.
Good night Granny!

jerandmeagan said...

(I just realized "holding him in front of the fire" was the wrong phrasing to use. Oops ; ) You know what i mean!)

Joy K. said...

Meagan - you are too funny!! I totally knew what you meant!! But that being said, he is as soft as a little marshmallow!!
Hey - what are you doing up so late? 3 am??
love you - merry christmas

sara said...

Joy, just wanted to let you know that I'll listen to your bragging about him any time :)

Betsy said...

Love the pictures! He is sooo cute. I can hardly wait to see Everett and Aaron running side by side chasing Lucy. But that has him growing up waaay too fast - enjoy tiny Everett because as you know before too long he will be running.

Love to see the smiles!

An amazing Christmas gift - so happy for you. Have a very Merry Christmas you guys.

Anonymous said...

Joy, I totally believed he smiled! He must feel all the love that surrounds him. I am so full of joy and happiness for Josh and Leah and all of you!