Monday, December 28

joy - bubbling over!

What can I say - our hearts are overflowing.... our joy is tangible. We are enjoying every minute we can oohing and ahhing over our second little grandson..... you have to agree, he is simply beautiful.
The first gift I opened on Christmas - was from Josh and Leah - and it is a beautiful necklace with my grandsons names on them. Jay and Everett. I am the proud Granny of two beautiful grandsons! I dream of our little Jay in Heaven, his life with us cut short. I think of him running with his Great Granny, and Great Poppa, and Great Grandpa and Great Great Grandparents. These thoughts are the only things that bring me comfort. And here, on earth - we have the joy of watching our second little grandson, Everett grow with each day. As a Granny and Poppa - we are very blessed. I will wear this necklace with love.

On Christmas Eve, I had the joy of staying overnite with Leah and little Everett while Josh was at work, along with Alvin. We got some good cuddle time in... there is nothing more wonderful than feeling this little guy's breathing as I cuddle him. He is a little snugglemeister! I love that. My kids (Josh and Ashley) were both cuddlers too. How fortunate we are!

4 Generations - Alvin, Josh, Everett and Great Grandma Klassen. Grandpa John Klassen is in heaven with Jay. Great Grandma was so sick in spring and early summer - with kidneys functioning at less than 8 % - we were already starting to talk about her funeral - when God brought recovery into her life! One of the few who start dialysis, come off it and have her kidneys recover some...

So needless to say - when she saw little Everett - she was overwhelmed with love! She shed a few tears when we talked about how proud Great Grandpa John would be at knowing Everett is named after him. Everett John Klassen.

Great Grandma Klassen holds our little one - and just gazes at him. She didn't think she would live to see this day. Thank you Lord for her life!

Okay - this has to be the greatest Auntie around.... and I always have to laugh after she holds him - later I find some pictures on my camera that she took herself... of her and her little nephew Everett. I think this one, I took of them! Ashley was queen of snuggle when she was little - so needless to say - it comes naturally to snuggle and cuddle this little guy.

How do you spell PROUD? U-N-C-L-E M-I-K-E-Y. Notice the smile on his face. He had to finally fight to get his turn!

I love this picture - it is worth a million words. Leah had just finished feeding little Everett. He is such a little sleeper, he has to have his outfits taken off to keep him alert during feeding! After he is full - he spends the next half hour alert, looking around, eyes open... before drifting off to sleep again. He is the most content little guy I have seen.

Little hands..... imagine what God is going to do with these little hands one day!

This is where he has a little catnap once in a while - in a little temporary bassinet!! I will take this little laundry basket full any day!!

Poppa - ah, Poppa..... he had so many hopes and dreams for little Jay. It was hard not to be anxious about little Everett's arrival. But now, you will often find the little guy in his arms. While he is a big man - he is a total softie! I love to imagine all that this Poppa will teach his grandchildren! Little Everett has a dimple in his chin, just like his poppa!

Daddy and Everett are in matching plaids! I think Mommy is going to keep her boys looking pretty in style! We got to share Christmas Day in the late afternoon and evening with the kids, and after gifts, before the turkey... they had some family shots taken.


Corrie said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. I have tears rolling down my face as I see the treasure and joy you all have in little Everett. What a sweet Christmas.

Leah said...

great pictures mom!

Joy K. said...

It's easy to have great pictures when you have such beautiful subjects to capture on film. Of course, of course, I am biased!