Thursday, December 3

My day so far - in pictures!

Today is December 3. My alarm went off at 5 am - as Alvin was supposed to head into the city to "shovel snow" and then he got a text from Josh - to wait another hour - so, we hopped back into bed! What one will do for an hour's worth more sleep!
Just as we were catching a few more zzz's the alarm went off again - 6 am. I also got up out of bed, and as Alvin went out to get the fire going - I got up and began putting together the guy's lunch for the day! That is my "gift" to them each day!
Then - Alvin left, and I sat down with my "first" cup of coffee - strong and black. And cracked open my Bible to see what the Lord had for me today. 2 Samuel 9.
Before I began, the words from "open the eyes of my heart Lord" ran over and through my mind and heart. Lord - what do you have for me today?

After spending QT with the Lord - I figured, I should just go out and welcome the day with a walk. First stop however was to check the fire. Alvin said he had a harder time getting it going. He often laughs and tells me "Joy the paper you put in there - didn't even burn!" Well - lo and behold, (I still need to tell my man this one!) I opened the fire bin and what was NOT burned?? Alvin's newspaper - in fact, nothing was burning. So, out came the newspaper, the matches, and I got it going - I hoped. Often there is alot of fire - and then nothing. I will check on my way back.

What would I do without Oreo. He just loves it when I come out - I always get a kick out of that! I asked Alvin if Oreo is as happy to see him as he is to see me!!
(or its likely because I am not out as much as Alvin!) Oreo sat patiently waiting (posing!!) while I waited for the fire to catch. I don't know what we will do when he dies. He joined our family when Josh was in Grade 7! In people years, I think that is about 15 years or somthing. Country life has been good to him.

On the way out to the back forty (or back 65, as that is really the number of acres we have) - I stopped at the little altar - I had found a little heart shaped stone and wrote Jay's name on it, and Grandbaby to come on it. I wanted to put it by the altar, and once again, deliberately thank God for my little Jay in Heaven, and for my little Grandbaby to come in 15 sleeps! (Once again, sorry it keeps loading sideways!!) I guess another bit of snow and the altar will be covered.

The snow was sitting lightly on everything!! Trees, ground, weeds... I stopped to take this picture - hope you can notice - the little flakes sitting on this little piece of tall grass. Have you ever stopped to look at a snowflake - to think that each one is different. How amazing is our God!! As I walked, I marvelled at the glittering of the snow - and the bright whiteness of it! It is quite something how even a little bit of snow makes everything so bright! I could not help but think of the verse that talks about Jesus blood (shed for us on the cross) washing our sin away, and making us whiter than snow! I walked and thanked God for the beauty of creation that always serves as a reminder that we have an awesome God.

At this point, the sun still had not "risen" even though it was pretty bright. I was so glad that I took Alvin's encouragement to go out first thing and get my walk done. (yesterday I ran out of time in the morning, and got home late - and did not get a walk in!!) As I turned at the back of our property, to begin to walk back "north" through the trees - I looked and it was just so beautiful. My camera (actually Ashley's old one, since ours died on us) is basic, and just does not capture the beauty - but it is the best I can do! The path ahead looked beautiful.

At this point, I had crossed over the fence (thankfully there is still a tree down so that I can get over the barbed wire "sometimes" without catching my pants on it!!
And as I walked back east along the fence line - I could see the sun continuing to come up - and noticed the snow on top of the post - lightly settled.

As I came back into the yard - I did not have to open the firebin and check it - I noticed the smoke puffing out of the chimney!! My paper obviously caught the wood - and it was burning well. As I turned - I noticed I could finally see the sun peeking through the trees. This is the day that the Lord has made - I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Back inside - I made a new pot of coffee (yep, a pot, just for me!) It is Mountain Bean - and so good - strong, fresh and black! I made some poached pears, steel cut oats, and did a little knitting. I am in the process of knitting a "prayer shawl" for someone. In between, I am doing some laundry. This feels like an amazing day already - and it is only begun. All of the above I did by 8:30 am.

Lord, thank you for this day - for the flakes that continue to fall - some of them clumped together as they loftily drift toward the ground. Thank you for the reminder of how you wash me whiter than snow - regardless of what I have done, what I will do - you forgive me. You cover me with grace - Grace that falls like this snow - and falls lightly on me - covering me - reminding me of your goodness.
Thank you for the walk - where I could see your creation as a visual reminder of how great you truly are God! For this day - and all it holds - I give it to you - and say - thank you. May we all experience you in a new and fresh way. Amen.

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