Wednesday, December 30

Oh Little One ~ have I told you...

(this has become one of our favorite pictures. Leah and Josh took this picture of Everett doing a little "tummy time") I think you see why it is a favorite of ours!

An open letter to our Little One … Everett John

Have I told you how much I love you
And how I can’t seem to drink in enough of you.
My pride and my joy
My second Grandson.
Everett John

Have I told you little one
About how your Poppa can hardly wait to pick you up and cuddle you
That is, after I have finished holding you myself!
Poppa dreams of all that he will show you
Of the things he will explain to you.
The places he will walk with your hand in his.
The things he will help you build - perhaps a treehouse, or a fort.
I can imagine Poppa running beside you as you learn to ride a two wheeler
Or how he will pick you up if you fall, and wipe the dust from your little jeans.
Poppa has big dreams Little One, and they include you.
O the places you will explore together and the things he will teach you.

Have I told you Little One
About how I get excited as I drive down your drive way -
Knowing that I will be able to gaze into your little face
To look at your little eyelashes, and your little lips, and ears
To let you wrap your little fingers around mine
To hear your little “baby noises” that bring us such great delight.
One day you will realize that you have already totally taken my heart Little One, on the day that you were born.
Have I told you about the songs I will sing, or the books I will read to you.
Or about how I will be there to wipe your tears, or to kiss your boo-boos better when you get hurt.
I can imagine how I will be able to teach you how to pick up the little fuzzy caterpillar without squishing him,
Or listen for frogs in the ditch, or catch a glimpse of a bluejay in the yard.
I want to help you learn about God – and will add to the foundation that your mommy and day lay in your life.

Have I told you Little One
About how I love to see your mommy and daddy talk to you,
And see you seemingly focused on their every word.
Or about how I love to see how your mommy and daddy work together at giving you a bath
Or about how I know how your mommy and daddy will be there for you every day as you grow up and maybe at times “test” their parenting skills.

Have I told you Little One
How proud I am to be your Granny.
And how Poppa is thrilled that your little chin dimple is just like his.
Have I told you how I can’t stop thinking about you – and will be your biggest cheerleader (after your parents) and will promise to always be there for you

Have I told you Little One – that I have prayed for you since I knew you were going to be born
And I will never stop as long as God gives me breath.
Have I told you Little One how much joy your birth has brought to me, and how my heart has come alive once again when I saw you.

O Little One – as I get each chance to hold you,
To snuggle and cuddle,
To feel your little chest rise and fall with each breath.
To hear and feel your little hiccups
To see your little smiles
To count your little fingers
To see you snuggle up like a little “tree frog” against our chests.
I imagine what you will become -
I imagine how your little voice will sound when you start to talk
I imagine what you will look like when you begin to sit, and then crawl and then walk and run.
I imagine so much… and have prayed that God would make you into a strong and mighty man one day.
But for right now little one,
I will hold you in my arms
I will kiss your little face
And I will thank God over and over and over again for you Little One.
My second Grandson….
My pride and joy…
Everett John – I love you.
More than you will ever know.

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Beautiful Joy....