Thursday, September 2

32 Years ago today

I walked down the aisle
seeing him for the first time that day
the sparkle in his eyes
the dimple in his chin
the love of my life
truly a gift from God
and my best friend
we had dated for almost four years
he teases me about giving him an ultimatum
and really - I didn't give him an ultimatum!

there was absolutely NO DOUBT that we loved each other
no doubt at 16 years of age (when we began "going steady")
no doubt at 20 years of age (when we got married)
no doubt at 45 years of age (when we renewed our vows before family and friends on our 25th)
no doubt at 50 years of age (when we leaned on each other for support during our great loss)
and certainly NO DOUBT at 52 years (when we celebrated our 32nd anniversary today!)
we KNEW we loved each other - then and now.
my man
still loves me - even though I have done some lame things
still loves me - even if I am no longer the size 10 he married
still loves me - no matter what!!
my man
still makes me laugh till tears roll down our cheeks
and sometimes makes me mad but easily gets out of it with that eye twinkle!
my man
knows me like no one other except our God
loves me completely
can answer my questions before i finish saying them
32 years later, plus almost 4 that we dated before getting married...
means that we have been a couple more than half our lives!
I love him!!

I do not take our love, our relationship for granted!
Thank you Lord, for my sweetheart - Alvin
an amazing husband
wonderful dad
wonderful Poppa
amazing friend...
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!
This is the Scripture that we used that day as part of our vows: we spoke this together at the end: except at that time is was KJVersion
"Wherever you go, I will go;
Wherever yo live, I will live.
Your people will be my people
and your God will be my God."
Ruth 1:16 NLT

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