Wednesday, September 8

Poppa's love

so the evening began with Granny (that's me) over at their house, feeding Everett his supper! Poppa has not come home from the land yet.

Those eyes - melt my heart every time.

Look Out Mommy!

So, now Poppa is home and has come in to see Everett.

Poppa is sitting to the right of where I am (still trying to feed Everett his squash!)

And well - his eyes are on Poppa!

Eyes still on Poppa, and playing with his cup!

When Poppa is around - there is alot of growling, and laughing, and playing!

And now his mommy and daddy know why all the yogurt and fruit didn't get eaten!

(Granny is busted!)

... the fun continues

at this point, Poppa is wearing some squash on his face too!

Kisses all around...

Actually, in the end he was trying to try out his two new teeth on Poppa!

After supper, Poppa and Everett went out to the sunroom.

It was pretty quiet, and when I went to look through the door,

this is what I found - Poppa and Ev - just chillin!

One more hug and kiss and they came back inside to find Granny (me) once again.

that is Alvin's name
that was also what my dad was called by my kids
Poppa and Granny

At the time, when our kids were little -
they were the ones that somehow just made their own distinction.

Actually when our kids were young (Ashley so young she can't remember a couple of them)
They had:
Grandma and Grandpa (Klassen)
Poppa and Granny (Thomas)
Oma Klassen (great-grandma)
Omi and Opa Regehr (great grandma and great grandpa - Alvin's side)

I think my kids grew up knowing the love of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.
Everett is so blessed
He has a Grandma and Grandpa (Leah's mom and dad)
A Granny and Poppa (that's us)
Omi - (Great Grandma, Alvin's mom)
Great Grandma and Grandpa Hayes
Great Grandma and Grandpa Scarff
not to mention the love of Auntie Ash, Auntie Morgan and Uncle Michael and Uncle Ian!

I have been thinking a lot lately (I know, its no surprise)
Thinking about my little grandson Everett
Looking at his little feet and wondering "where will these little feet take you one day"

I have been able to whisper into his little ears "Granny loves you sweetheart"
I have been able to sing to him,
and hold his fingers while he tries to walk,
and hold him as he "jumps" to strengthen his legs
and gaze at his when he is fast asleep!

Tonight, the kids ran out to get something, and we volunteered to babysit.
So, I was feeding him supper when Poppa walked in.
Well... after that, it was quite something.
But being that sometimes when we watch Everett,
he is just going down for bed and Poppa doesn't get to see him awake -
so I figured it was quite fine for Poppa to interrupt a meal!
Then they got some real good fun time in.
Everett is already so loveable and expressive!
It makes sense, as his mommy and daddy, and the rest of us express it to him.

I love the word Poppa,
because of the love I saw between Alvin and the kids (and still see!)
because I love what I saw between my dad and Josh and Ashley...
And what I see between my man - Poppa - and our little Grandson.

And I just have to think of how MUCH MORE
my Heavenly Poppa loves me...
and you too!

John 3:16 (New Living Translation)

16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

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