Tuesday, September 28

leaving a legacy...

Just two days before Mom entered the hospital,
we got together at Josh and Leah's for rollkuchen and watermelon.
Mom was in a fair bit of pain, but wanted to be a part of the party.
Here she is with her original 5...
Some of the grandkids are missing in this photo - but we took a picture with those who were there. Everett, Mom's "great grandson" was already in bed! He is represented by the baby monitor in his mommy's hand!

Four Generations of Klassen's!

Many of the Klassen gang... Sept 28, 2008
this was a couple days after Michael and Ash's wedding - so they are missing
So is Ingrid, Adrian, Joel and myself (as I took the picture)

Mom and her "birth" kids

left to right: Ruth, Neil, Mom, Rick and Ellie

Alvin laying across the front!

Sept 2008

Mom at Christmas, 2008

Mom making rollkuchen.
This was right after Dad's funeral.
Since then, we have been getting together as family on July 1st, to remember Dad, and we make rollkuchen and eat watermelon in his memory!

What can I say.... I had a great day with Mom. This morning I went and got there in time for her breakfast! She was up, dressed, and ready for the day. I love this time with Mom.
I spent the morning there with her. We talked. We read her "Daily Bread" devotional together. Mom shared some things that were dear to her. It was a sweet time, and I am thankful.

Ashley came and we visited together - and then it seemed time for Mom to have a rest. She said she was tired, so we tucked her in, and left. Ash went to work, and I went to work-out at Curves. When I got back - she was still asleep.

The afternoon was much like the morning - she did some Word Search puzzles. She said it was hard to find the words and laughed when I called it "Brain Physio". We went for a walk (2 revolutions around the Units 8 & 9, stopping to say hi to people along the way. Mom uses the walker still but has surprised us at times when she leaves it to walk away...

Today was a beautiful day outside too. I love this fall weather (when the sun is shining that is!) It was about 20 and somewhat windy, but as I walked to my car - I just looked up - felt the warm sun - felt the wind - saw the colors of the leaves. Fall for me is a favorite season, but always bittersweet! (When I walked through my depression, it was fall... and it was also fall when I spent the last thanksgiving with my dad!)

I came home tonight, feeling very thankful for the day that I spent with Mom. Thankful for the conversations, for reading scripture together. Thankful for being able to help her out, and to listen to the things on her heart. Thankful for the quiet times as she slept and I read.

As I also had a chance to say to Mom today - I am also very thankful for the way she raised Alvin... and for the love and support she gave to me, and to our kids. I told her that she and Dad were always a very important part of the way our kids grew up! Often the kids would call me and say they were just stopping at Grandma and Grandpa's first before they came home to our house. Those were wonderful times, the 9 years that they lived right beside us in Anola!

I told Mom that her and Dad have left a legacy of faith... and we are thankful! Mom wept through some of this discussion. It was a dear sweet time together. I am so thankful for moments like this! I am hoping for even more of them tomorrow!

From Wikipedia
A legacy or legacies is what someone or something is remembered for or what they have left behind that is remembered, revered or has influenced current events and the present day.

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