Saturday, September 25

highlights from today.....Sept 25, 2010

Alvin walking back to the shop after our walk!

The big old Oak Tree at the front of our land... perhaps Everett will climb this one day!
It is a great tree fit for a swing!

The picture this morning as I looked out from our deck - onto the field.
The colors are getting vibrant!

The birds having some breakfast.
I actually put some seeds on a plate for our Jay which comes to eat. Usually he cleans up the seeds that have landed on the deck.

So, this is the highlight picture of my day!
Today Mom had an amazing day - very very with it... and we are so thankful!
Here she is talking with Sarah about her upcoming game!

Today was a full day... and a good one.
I went to the hospital to visit with Mom...
her strength today, and her clarity of thought is simply amazing!
What a gift for us.
Then I went to Sunnyside with some flowers to lay on Jay's grave
And to grocery shop
came home and made lunch
did a little laundry
a little housework
and then
went for a walk with Alvin on Henderson Hwy.
came home to make supper for Elleanore as she was coming for a visit
as I look back... I see that it has been good!
O Lord, thank you...
thank you SO much.

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ashley marie photography said...

that's such a great picture of grandma!