Friday, September 17


The other day I wrote about Mom K. Something quite amazing has happened. Once again, I see the power of prayers at work. Or should I say GOD at work, in response to the prayers of His people!

Yesterday, after consulting with the Doctor, she informed us of where Mom was at, and her care. Mom is now considered a level 1, which means that she will be kept comfortable. We were told that since she was having a hard time swallowing yesterday, that her meds would all be in liquid form, put through an IV which was in from when they tried to bring her calcium down intravenously. The doctor said that for pain, Mom would be given hydramorphine. (I think that is the way to spell it?)

So today, we went to spend the day with Mom. And, once there, were told that she has not had a thing for pain since her last pain through pill form, which they tried to give her yesterday afternoon. No pain med? We asked Mom several times, "Mom, do you have pain?" "Mom, how is your pain?" "Mom do you need any pain med?"

Each time Mom answered "no" and we were amazed. When we were talking, the comments went something like this "But I can't believe she has no pain" ...
Well to be honest, I was at first thinking the same thing until it dawned on me! PRAYER...
I have prayed and asked the Lord to take Mom's pain away, or at least keep it at a min.
I have asked friends and family to pray for Mom, that her pain would be kept under control.
I said to my siblings... "Well, I have to tell you, I have been praying, and asking people to pray that Mom would have no pain!"

Prayers that avail much!! NO COINCIDENCE. GOD.... pure and simple!! God is answering our prayers about the pain control! Thank you Lord... thank you.
Please continue to hear our prayers, and Lord, have mercy.


christine said...


christine said...

its hard (i want to add), but so sustaining...
thinkng of you. must be painful to walk through this time.

Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.