Wednesday, September 29

longing for home

This is how my day began... with a knock on the door and guess who was there?
Everett and Leah
and later Josh
a won-der-ful start to a really good day!
Can't get enough of my family!
Looking west ward, from Mom's balcony.

and looking east...

Mom's basil plant
grown from tiny seeds

And to Mom's delight and approval
voila ~ after weeks and weeks
the balcony is d-o-n-e!

Everett's early morning pictures made her day
her eyes showed such love and delight
as she looked at them and commented
on what a sweetheart her little great-grandson is.
and then I showed her the other pictures I had taken this morning
never before has a basil plant caused such a big smile
or the fresh paint on a newly redone balcony
colors of fall
on trees that are still hanging onto leaves
in spite of the winds that have assaulted their branches

talking about home
about things that are needed
once the owner returns
it was with joy i went this morning
and captured a few pictures
and moments later
loaded them on my computer
for a little slide show in the hospital room
to one who longs for home
and realizes it has been a long time
since the condo was exchanged for a sterile hospital room
and the silence exchanged for the banter of the nurses
longing for home...
I wish I could take her there.

Today after visiting with my family
I stopped at Mom's condo on the way to Seven Oaks Hospital
We had been talking about how her basil plant has grown.
and I wanted her to see for herself.
She planted it from seeds bought at the dollar store.
We had been talking about whether or not the workers had finally finished her balcony
(and the other balconies in the complex)

Today we talked about going home...
and the expression in Mom's eyes,
was one of homesickness
Home to the condo
Home to Heaven?
only God knows

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