Monday, September 27

airport good-byes

Alvin, Mom and Ellie - Sunday morning (yesterday) September 26

It was inevitable - Elleanore had to go home some time. Elleanore is Alvin's sister. She came from Calgary almost two weeks ago, at a point where we thought we were losing Mom. In the last week, Elleanore (and us all) got to see Mom rally to the point where she was very talkative, getting around with her walker, eating, and laughing. We looked at old pictures, shared a few laughs together, enjoyed fruit that an aunt and uncle brought for mom (from Kelowna). Mom was INSISTENT that we eat it too!

At 6:20, it was time to hit the road for the airport. As I watched Elleanore say good-bye to Mom, I realized how bittersweet this visit was ... and how final this good-bye may be. You see, last week, Mom told the doctor that she wants no more intervention. No more.
That means when her blood levels drop - there will be no transfusions any more.
That means that when her calcium levels go sky-high - there will be no intravenous and drugs to try to dilute and bring the calcium down.
That means that when her kidneys shut down from the high creatinin (sp??) level in her blood - there will be no dialysis.

In Mom's words... "no more treatment"... and that is final.

So each day is a gift. As Mom told me - she believes the doctors have done what they could and that only God knows the number of days. God has ordained them.

It feels odd in many ways. It is a gift for me to be able to spend time with mom... I am very thankful. Perhaps that is why I am not finding a job! (that has been on my mind and I have applied one place - but no interview). God knows it all, and well, I am really fine with it. This time of unemployment is a gift - to be able to spend that time with mom.

If you are reading this - please continue to pray for our family - for us to be able to sit by her side even in those days as we may have to watch her slip away...
Please continue to pray for Mom - God has removed her pain! She has not been on any pain meds for a weeks and a half. That is unbelievable and "only God" ...

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We have been blessed and carried.
Some of you have fed us... some of you have emailed... many have prayed.

Thank you... thank you... thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful person your mother is. As I read your story and hear about her, she reminds me so much of my mom who can't wait to go home. The love and grace of God shine through both of them.

Praying for you, the present journey and the one to come.


Charles said...

Olga has been in our prayers and thoughts about her illness and treatments. We understand that there is a time to cease medical treatments and respect this family decision.
We remember the good times when we visited Winnipeg and enjoyed the family dinners and visits.
Please convey our love and concern for her.
Lorraine and Charles Harms