Saturday, September 11

this post is for Laura!

Everett in the bobcat....

the view from the back/side

Everett with his mommy. He thought the flash was going to go off. Now when he sees the little light, he makes this little squinty face first! We realized that he LOVES a camera!!

These days, he is noticing everything!

Leah and Everett come to the barn for a visit!

Only Everett gets Poppa to stop working!

a little family picture while the boys "break"

Friday afternoon - the rock has started to be placed on the side now.

saturday night - after work, Alvin and I head back to the barn so he can work on the garage door opener. And a big opener at that!

I was sitting in the loft - and getting a bird's eye view of Alvin at work.

Alvin doesn't seem to worry about the heights he has to climb... but I do.

going up...

those are mighty big springs...
On Friday, Alvin and Josh began winding them, and realized they were placed wrong... so down they came, and up they went again, this time on the right sides.

The stone began going up on Wednesday

Michael placing some of them!

During the afternoon, all of a sudden two friends, also firefighters, came past the barn to take a look. John apparently asked if there was anything they could do...
And Alvin said that the side still needed to get a scratch coat ...
So, what do you know... John Penner and his sidekick helper Justin Olfert took on the task!
What timing. Thanks Guys.
Josh putting redicrete on the back of the stone.

All I can say is - looking good!

When I picked Alvin up from the hall today, he mentioned that one of his co-workers, Laura, had wondered if he had any pictures. I think they are pictures of our little Everett, and pictures of our build. So, since Facebook is not allowable at work, I have chosen to do this post - for Laura...

I also have to get some pictures printed for those who are not internet savy...
i will make sure to do that next week!

In the meantime here are the latest pictures of my boys at work,
and our little boy Everett, who continues to totally thrill this Granny's heart!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Joy!! I love the pictures and especially the comments! What a lucky little boy to have such a loving family. I was really touched that the post was for ME! I have visited your site a few times now to read your 'musings' Thanks again!! Laura