Thursday, June 3

fireflies & junebugs

“Fireflies” photo: gail shumway/getty images

The night is late
I park in the driveway, turn off the car
Stepping out I am aware of the beauty of the night around me

Stars shine brightly
The sky making a dark blue background
Little lights shine
now you see them, now you don't

I love fireflies
there is just something whimsical about them

Frogs sing a symphony of praise
loving the swollen ditches
God had a sense of humour when he created the frog!
or so I think

there is a tapping sound
bugs hitting glass
June Bugs

they have been flying for about a week already
big clumsy
rather ugly bugs
actually remind me of the cockroaches we encountered in Thailand

Gotta wonder about the June Bug's purpose
they come alive at nigh
coming out in droves
seemingly only to fly into windows and end "belly-up" on the front porch

personally I am not a lover of the Junebug
but God created them

from the birds' first notes at 5 am

to the sight of the firefly at 11 pm

I can't help but think


Our God is an AWESOME creator!

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