Wednesday, June 16

going to write

When my mom passed away, I began to write my story. A story about a young woman - who lives life - a good life - and is influenced by one of the greatest women she knows. I wrote quite a few pages. They are tucked away in a box.

When my dad passed away a few years later, as I went through his stuff, picking out what was important to me - I took pages that he had written and had edited. I thought again of my story, as I thought of how my life was influenced by a father who loved me with all he had. I took out the story I had begun a year before, and wrote a few more pages, started a few chapters about my young life... and once again tucked them away in a box.

About two and a half years ago, I began to write this blog. Not sure what all was in my head when I began it, but something in me was "satisfied" with being able to write, and express some of my thoughts. My blog has been a place to "talk out loud as I process my thoughts" and it has been good. Like my son said, "Mom, I knew you would love blogging".

About a year and a half ago, I began to think that perhaps I did have a story to tell. I could write it. I did have things to say about the journey of an ordinary woman! I began to think of what I would call my story. I knew I wanted to write it, but was not really sure how to do it exactly.

About 8 months ago, I got an email from someone who said she finally just had to write and tell me something that was laid on her heart. She went on to say that she thought I should write my story. She was talking especially of our grief walk. She said she felt that writing my story could be cathartic. (when I looked that up it means a purifying or figurative cleansing of the emotions). Hearing from her - and re-reading over her email affirmed what I believed in my heart that I wanted to do. To write my story.

I am going to begin - and Lord willing, would love to have a manuscript done by this time next year. (is that what your first draft is called?)

I have looked into publishers through the Internet. But honestly, I do not have a hot clue what to do...

I have read books by people who "self-published" (I think that was the word) and there again, some were done real well - and others, not so well.

I just know that I want to write. I want to leave my story in written form, especially for my family. Would anyone else care to read it? Not sure... but then again I have been encouraged by those who read my blog, so just maybe I have something worth while to say!

Time will tell. All I know is that I am just an ordinary woman but I believe each of us has a story that God sings over!

Guess I better get writing!

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ashleymarie said...

yup it's called a manuscript & i can help you with my limited "publisher" knowledge :)
i'm glad you're going to write. can't wait to read it.
love you MOST.