Thursday, June 17


Today I went to Selkirk to the municipal office - "planning and permit board" of the R.M. of Ste. Clements, with my chequebook in my purse. I walked out of there $726 dollars lighter (sigh) and with a bright yellow sign to be posted in clear view. THE PERMIT! We finally got the permit to begin the barn! YOOHOOOOOO!! We are very excited!

From there - I went to the RM office to get our "civic address" number. Only to be told that I needed to take the little slip and go to the sign place and order our sign. Our "civic address" is 5839 Henderson Hwy!! Our sign will be made within the next two weeks and then we can put it at the end of the driveway!

Alvin is at work but I know without seeing him, that he is breathing much easier now. Sure, we originally thought that we would build the shop last fall... and would begin the house now. But God had other plans... actually quite a few different plans than ours, and I know enough that it is much easier to "go with His flow" than try to make things happen in our own strength!

So I think that Alvin and I will be laying some rebar on Saturday - and doing some preliminary work on the foundation of the shop. We feel a little under the wire in some regards, as we have to be out of our house by August 1st - which at this point is just 45 sleeps away. (even less because we will not be sleeping in our house on the last night before possession!). It seems Alvin has found a semi trailer (retired trailer) to buy so that we can store our stuff in it. I am a little worried about Alvin's stuff in our current shop... there is a lot of it! That is why we want the shop's exterior done so that at least we can put stuff in there too! (sigh.....)

Anyway - the first permit is in our hands. The next permit for the house - that is in the works. I am not sure how much that one will cost. Dieter at the planning office told me that "just the plumbing part of the permit - for the shop it was the basic one, but for your house - you have something like 19 drains in there!" Yep...

God knows all this. He knows that we are NOT made of money and we want to be wise stewards with the money we did get from the sale of our house and land. He knows. I am so glad that we are just following God on HIS plan for this ministry.... HIS PLAN.

Now, if I can just convince my heart not to beat so fast, and my emotions not to get anxious at times... but on second thought - how else would we celebrate the permit!!

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