Saturday, June 26

Simply the Best Mommy and Daddy

I am sitting here at our kids house - Josh and Leah. As I look outside, there is a big pond to the right... and puddles in front... the sky has cleared, although a few miscellaneous drops are falling.
I decided once the storm passed, to check my emails on their computer. And, now figure I have time to post.

The house is quiet. Georgi the cat was just meowing at the window. I think she wants to get into her home - in the barn/shop. I have the Angelcare Baby Monitor beside me. My little sweetheart of a grandson is upstairs fast asleep.

Now this is not the first time I have babysat... but this was the very first "babysitting date" marked down on our calendars, way back in winter shortly after Everett was born. You see the kids are out at a wedding... dinner, dancing... like a date! They have had a few other outings, and I know that Grandma Hayes and I are always eager to watch Everett! I was kind of sad though because Poppa is at work, and missing out on this "Ev time" as we affectionately call our times together.

On the way here, I spent some time talking with the Lord - and asked the Lord for a great time together with Everett, and for our nighttime routine to go well. Lately Leah has said that his patterns have been a little mixed up. When I got here, to Josh and Leah's - she had just nursed him, and then he also was getting some barley cereal, and some peas. He was such a happy little guy, and apparently had had a very happy day! After his mommy fed him a little, and then his daddy finished up - it was time for them to go to the reception. Leah had shared with me how she thought his night could go...

Before they left - he got his rounds of kisses. His daddy makes him laugh, as he plays with him, treating him like a little bear cub - making some growling noises. Everett loves this and laughs! His mommy also kisses him good bye a few times, before they both exit - leaving Everett and Granny playing on the floor!

Play time was fun. He loves the toys - the musical ones - the rattling ones - the chewing on ones! Then we did some Jolly Jumper time! I love watching him in that - he jumps and talks!
Then we had a little down time, sitting on the couch, playing with toys in the plastic bucket. Leah had sort of filled me in on time frames, and true to her word - about 1 hour and 20 minutes later, he was looking ready for bed!

Up we went. A diaper change. Change into a cute sleeper! Then I put him into his little baby sleeping bag (which is a great invention, baby slips into it, it snaps at the shoulders, and zips around so that he is kept covered while he sleeps. Then I gave him his little cuddle square, his soother (which he only takes just before he naps) and read him a very little, and proceeded to sing to him. He seemed to like that (just as his mommy had said!). She mentioned that there is this "time zone" when he is then ready to be laid in his crib, and will go to sleep. Timing is everything!

I loved holding him. Touching soft hair. Kissing his cute little cheeks. I loved listening to him as he "la'd" himself to sleep... (sort of sings a little before he is gone to sleep-land)
I sat in the glider rocker and watched him. There is something that totally takes my breath away about watching my little grandson. It is a joy like no other - believe me.

My dad used to have a bumper sticker on his motor home that said "If I knew how much fun my grand kids would have been - I would have had them first!"

Anyhow - at this point, Everett has been sleeping a while - two hours. Leah was not sure if he would treat this as his last nap of the day - or would treat it as his night-time sleep. I just went up to check on him, and give him his soother - he had "schlimned" a little bit. (That is supposed to be my spelling of a German word meaning he made a little noise as if he was going to cry! I am not German, but sometimes there is no other word to describe it!

It is truly a blessing to be a Granny! I love these times of being able to babysit. I also love the times when we can stop by for a little Ev-time. I love watching the kids parent. I was telling Leah that I think there is alot of peer pressure that is placed on young parents - whether intentional or not. There just is. When we were raising our kids - there was NO Internet... or very limited. (First computer was DOS 086 - a real dinosaur) I read a little. I relied on my intuition a lot! I wondered aloud the other day if I was a good mom - and Alvin assured me I was! I figure my kids turned out pretty well rounded - and thank God he perhaps used me a little in that process!

I think what I love the most is when I see how well Leah "knows" Everett. And, has the combination of going with the flow mixed with knowing her son so well that she "gets" his schedule that helps him to be the happiest! It is quite something. I am just so pleased to be a part of his little life! He turned 6 months on the 18th of June, and his big brother Jay would have been 23 months this past Thursday. I keep imagining how much fun they would be together!

I thank God that he is giving Josh and Leah such joy as they parent, and such incredible joy as they watch Everett grow with each month. They are simply the best mommy and daddy. Ya, I know - I am biased. But, what else is new!

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