Sunday, June 27

I am so glad that HE REJOICES OVER ME! He rejoices even when I am not rejoicing over myself! What a wonderful Saviour my God is!

I have been on a very long "on again/off again" journey with my weight. At 52 I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanting it to be something that does not consume my thoughts. I really want to live in the present!

So, I have decided that I am going to blog my journey to a healthier me/weightloss journey on a different blog, so that it is easier to see for myself, the journey's ups and downs and ups and more ups. I want it to be an encouragement for me and anyone else who is journeying the same thing. Whether it is 5 lbs or like in my case about 50-70 (we'll see when I get closer) it is still a journey!

So, I have picked a verse that just "washes over me" and brings joy. It is so great to know that my Lord delights over me - sings over me! Imagine HE sings over each one of us!!

If you want to follow - please do. If you have something to share about your journey - please share that with me too! It is a journey! With God as my strength!! I know HE REJOICES OVER ME! (and over you too, regardless of what we weigh!)

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