Thursday, June 10

Lunch for 2

Lunch for 2 ~
today was a special day
I got to make lunch
on an ordinary week day
for a sister (through marriage)
and I was really looking forward to it

I got up early
to the smell of coffee already brewing
(gotta love the automatic setting)
but the smell of the fresh bold coffee
was soon overtaken by the smell of hamburger soup

slicing, dicing
hamburger, a bit of macaroni
carrots, zucchini, leeks
onions, tomatoes, celery
peppers, black beans and kidney beans too

a few spices
a little sugar
and a good long time cooking in the roaster in the oven

my oh my, it smelled good
even if I do say so myself!

artistically arranged the fresh unripened mozzarella
sliced and placed on top of tomatoes off the vine
a little basil leaf
and drizzled with balsamic creme
my new found favorite!

water with lemon
waiting with a little ice
in crystal stemmed glasses

fresh coffee
and cheesecake with blackberries
to wrap up the meal

the table was set
the food was prepped
the soup hot and ready to dish
lunchtime music playing from the CD player
table set for two
two women taking time out of a day
to sit together
to talk together
to laugh together
to share fellowship over a simply done meal

table set for two
good china with delicate little blue flowers with raised centers
I don't often get to use all this at lunch!

it felt like
a tea party waiting to happen

I thank God for the privilege
of preparing a special meal for a sister

I thank God for the privilege
of sharing the same birthday month with her
we often joke about celebrating together
but never seem to do it

so this year we did!

I thank God
for the gift of having time at home,
to enjoy these special lunches

I thank God for good food,
and good coffee
and even better conversation

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
12:30 pm

Lunch for 2

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