Wednesday, June 30

What? It's not Friday yet?

Today feels like Friday. It feels like it has been forever since I wrote on this blog... but it is only Wednesday. Where DOES time go?

This week has been full. Let's see - Alvin began working at the Henderson Land. On Monday I went to give him a hand tying rebar. It was a long day - but a good one together. In the morning we realized we could hear a cat meowing. We looked toward the church's parking lot and saw a cat walking back and forth. It wasn't her meowing though. We figured that there must be kittens somewhere and so we went to look. We walked through the long grass and over to the church's air conditioning system which was surrounded by a wire chain link fence. There we saw her... a cute little kitten. Or I should correct that. We only saw her head. She was inside the a.c. system's metal box, and had her head stuck. No paws, just her head.
Alvin had to go to Josh and Leah's and told Josh about it, and there he came, with his friend Brent alongside. They brought Josh's hair clippers set. Alvin figured if they could clip off its hair (cause there was alot) they could perhaps also put some grease or lubricant on her head and push it back through. Brent climbed the fence and went in, and was able to hold her body from underneath while Josh clipped. They then began the process of trying to get her back through the hole - one ear, the next ear, some lubricant, and voila! She was through. They then were able to get her when she finally came out, and took her home. Brent said it was great to be alongside of a fireman when they did a real rescue! The little thing was actually quite fluffy but its little heart was almost beating out of her chest. Now Ashley and Michael are trying to find a home for her, much to the chagrin of their other two cats. If you want a kitten FREE - let me know.

SO that was Monday. By the end of the day - I felt awful. I figured it was my allergies, but when I work up yesterday, I realized I had a major sinus cold on the left side of my head! Thank goodness for Puffs plus lotion tissues! Got a couple nose bleeds to boot! I had told the boys that I would clean the house that they had renovated and had put up for sale, so there I went yesterday - cleaning supplies in hand, and cleaned. I was so thankful this cute little house in Elmwood had central air! It is up for sale now - if you are looking for a starter home - let me know!!

Now, today began after the most restless night ever! I had a massage appointment at 9 and left the house looking forward to the pampering! Then, the day really began in earnest. We got the unnerving information that my mom in law was the victim of a scam... the one where the "grandson" calls and says he is in trouble and needs money now... long story short - no money was given. However she was/is very traumatized! I also had an experience that in hindsight I can laugh about...

Alvin needed me to go to the bank - as we had bought a semi trailer from a guy (to use for storage for our stuff when we move) and we needed some cash. So off to SCU I went for $1500 in 15 nice crisp brand new $100 bills.

I went to McIvor mall to find out what insurance permit we needed to move it from point A to point B (a 20 minute drive, not even) and was walking back to the car, wallet in hand (zipper slightly open) and cell in the other hand, talking with Alvin. (I know, you can hear a story coming on!) So, I am getting into the car, and my wallet drops, upside down, and the slightly opened zipper was opened sufficiently to allow the wind to pick up the $100 bills (yes, ALL of them) and blow them around the parking lot. I immediately said "I have to go" and put my cell on top of my trunk, wallet still laying by my car, and began to chase these bills. Now... this is the weird part, I actually thought of Ellen DeGeneres's show on TV where she surprises someone by putting them in a tank with a wind fan and $100 bills and tells them they can keep whatever they can catch! Well there I was (I am sure it was NOT a pretty sight) running and grabbing, watching them blow, scrunching them in my hand. There was an older man with a cane who was trying to be helpful, and he was - had his cane on a couple other things out of my wallet, and very sweetly encouraged me to put my wallet into the car, and my phone, and the bills I had gathered. Then there was a young guy, likely in his late 20's who was also helping. He said to me "They're all $100's ??" And I figured I needed to explain why I had so much cash (since I likely looked a little suspicious!) Anyhow, there he and I were, on our knees looking under cars. I literally had to reach under and pick them from under tires, etc...

Once I had searched 4 rows of parked cars... I got in my car, my heart also beating near out of my chest (talk about aerobic exercise) and was actually scared to count them. I will be honest... we are building a house, have not got the money yet for our house, so we are in this building limbo and I really do NOT have extra $100's to lose in the wind! So there I was, uncrumpling them and counting. (with fear and trembling) 1 - 2- 3 - 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- .....
11- 12- 13- 14- 15! Oh Lord - thank you so much! They were all there, and accounted for. It is a big full parking lot. It was a windy day. They were all there. ONLY GOD. So then I called Alvin as he didn't know why I was panicked when I hung up... and began to explain, knowing full well I may get even a little lecture about making sure I put money away. (yes, I have other money stories that are pretty unbelievable too!) and I had to tell him I was feeling bad enough and totally knew yes, I should be more careful. It was very nice to finally hand him over the crumpled, not so crisp bills!

I have told two friends that story, as well as the other parts of my day. One person laughed and said, "Oh Joy, you have another story for your story!" Sometimes I am thinking - does everyone have such an eventful life?

Anyhow - not it is almost 10 pm. I am waiting for Alvin to come home from the land so we can eat supper. Or maybe we will just go to bed and eat the hot chicken Caesar for breakfast.
Gotta keep a sense of humour. Hope the "visual" made you laugh! In hindsight, it is kind of funny! Living and learning... living and learning... 52 and I am continuing to live and learn!

The Winnipeg Free Press runs a section for Random Acts of Kindness, and I have decided that I will write in - and thank the older man (with the cane) and the young guy who helped me. By the time I got up off my knees from under the car - both were gone! I was none - the - less, very thankful! Gotta write to the Free Press.

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Jean said...

So glad the Lord helped you recover all of them. Yes, I believe it could have been a very laughable scene especially as you recall it.

Have a great day tomorrow.