Monday, June 14

Joy overflowing...

The latest acquisition from a friend - was this carrier. Everett loves it!

Doing some tummy time - okay, those blue blue BLUE eyes... he is such a cutie!
His eyes are just like his auntie Ashley's when she was little, there are similarities!
funny how genetics within a family line work!

one of our favorite family things to do - having a walk'n talk!

Everett and Mommy in the Baby Bjorn carrier! He loves this too!
Actually, he loves everything it seems!
The sunglasses - they are so cute, and he doesn't seem to mind them at all!
Just checking out creation!

cool dudes

Today was Monday. I got back on the treadmill. I cleaned. I talked with my sister. I answered emails. Talked with my daughter. Texted a little. Chased a few calves back into the fence. Tonight we walked the property and spent a couple hours with the young couple who bought our house! And then we topped the evening off with some supper together and coffee with two good friends who drove out for coffee!!

It was a good day. A FULL day.. but oh so good. And, the thing is.... my heart is just overflowing with joy from spending the WHOLE weekend with our kids and grandson... for the second weekend in a row! There is something special about weekends at the cottage. And let me tell you - I just can not get enough of our little Everett!

He gets FULL attention! All eyes are on him! We ooh and ahhh at the things he does. His giggling makes us giggle. His jumping makes us laugh. We all get a chance to spend time with him - and well okay, sometimes we have to beat off "Poppa" who would hold him all the time if we let him! This past weekend Great Grandma Klassen spent the weekend with us at the cottage - and it was so good for her to also spend the time with him.

I love the cottage... it is a whole different life for two and a half days! It is a good chance to talk - to laugh (till tears roll) - to make meals together and to wash dishes together. It is a good chance to fellowship around a good cup of coffee (or two or three...) It is a time to walk together - to go boating - swimming (apparently the water was quite cold this weekend!) - or to just sit and watch a good movie together. I love spending time with our kids and our grandson. It is something I do not take for granted. I love that our kids WANT to spend time with us... and have told us that!

Even though Josh and Leah have their own cottage now - the fact that they are renting it out - means that we still get to have them stay in their bedroom in our cottage still (whenever theirs is rented. (Like two weekends ago when they had their first rental). So - that weekend I got to see Ev first thing when he woke up - and last thing before he went to bed...and got to hear him when he woke briefly during the night.

I do not know what I would do without my family. I love my kids... and Alvin and I feel extremely blessed. We love our grandsons - and love spending the time watching our little Everett grow. He will be 6 months this week. Where does the time go. It seems especially over the past month - we have seen such changes in his little personality! Oh the joy he brings.

I love watching Ashley and Michael in their early years of marriage. Michael continues to be called Mikey... (Spikey even). I also love watching Josh and Leah "parent" their little guy. I love how their eyes sparkle when they talk to Everett. I love how Josh loves being a daddy! He already lays on the floor and plays with Everett and makes him laugh! (reminds me of Alvin when Josh was little!) I love how Leah "knows" her son so well - that she knows what he needs and when he needs it. I have not seen such a good mom... in fact I mentioned to Alvin that I don't even know if I was that good, to which Alvin told me I was! (insert a happy face here). Watching my kids makes me so glad to be their mom! And so proud of them! Man, I love them all!

I realize that raising children is a huge responsibility... and not to be taken for granted. I also realize the importance of prayer in parenting. Sometimes I wonder how we did it - but we did. I guess we just did the best that we could! And let me tell you - I thank God for my kids... even though we didn't "raise" all four (two by marriage) I am still a very very proud mom! And in regards to our grandSONS... well, let me tell you, this granny's heart is overflowing!

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