Sunday, June 27

Honestly? MORE rain?

I thought that in the winter, I heard that the Farmer's Almanac called for a "hot dry summer". Perhaps I should have bought one and read it for myself however IF that was truly what it said - I would be totally ripped off now, having spent the money on the almanac and watching the rain pool in our yard.

I am so glad that we are not farming. However that being said, some of our close friends are farmers and I KNOW that I can feel their discouragement without even talking. There is NOTHING good about cattle walking in muck, or about fields that have been drowned out - or crops that have not had hundreds of dollars worth of spray sprayed on them for disease due to the water.

I just barely finished my run (on my treadmill) and it began to pour. POUR! Sheets and sheets and sheets of rain. A little hail. Some wind. There is water in the ditches, in the low spots on the neighbors yard, and in the middle part where our trees are. Water EVERYWHERE!

And the thing is - we can't do the cement for the floor of the barn/shop that we are waiting to do, and we can't dig the basement if there is a forecast of rain like there has been lately. We don't need cement trucks that are up to their axles in mud... or a basement full of water that has to be pumped out before the guys can work. And we all know - the water is just breeding grounds for mosquitoes. (as if we don't have enough of them) (okay, am I the only person wondering why God created mosquitoes? )

It is all a little crazy. And its all alot wet! Guess there is a reason that it is raining, or does there have to be a reason behind everything? I am not sure there does. Regardless, God knows where we are at - where everyone is at - and well, He is Sovereign.

I learned a long time ago to hold plans very loosely in my hands. Very, very loosely! In the meantime I will put on my ladybug rubber boots if I have to ... carry an umbrella as long as its not lightning... and keep praying and depending on God for a rain-free season during our basement dig when the time comes!

It is hard NOT to get discouraged especially when you know other people are so affected even more than we are. But in the big scheme, being discouraged and anxious just sets you back even farther. Jesus said not to worry - that he knows even about the little birds that fall... so I figure He has my life under control. (even when I doubt). He is SOVEREIGN. I don't understand alot of my life BUT HE IS SOVEREIGN.

Oh, just got a text from my daughter - she says.... "it's supposed to be hot and dry this week " ... Hmmm.... maybe I won't need my ladybug rubber boots after all!

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