Thursday, October 14

the beginning of stage 2 ~ the house!

Alvin is pretending to "open the front door"...
the land is staked out and ready to go!
Danny will come to dig soon.
Never before has electrical boxes looked so sweet!
Thank you Jake and Jack!!
Firefighters and electricians!

wonder how many of these we will need...

You will now find a nice little sidewalk to the side of our barn/shop.
This is where we will enter to go into the loft!
Who knows what God will use the loft for.
time will tell...
I am thinking this tree could make a nice place for a swing.
Papa is planning to put a zipline from loft to house for our Everett!

Today Josh and Mike Frank started working on the basement - preparing it
Alvin was at work at the firehall and Michael was doing his lawncare today.
SO Josh and Mike F. worked hard!
and they worked long hours...
Alvin and I stopped after his shift and
Alvin went over a couple things with Mike Frank.

Big Machinery for big jobs.

You don't want to know how much this metal for the house cost.

the way of the future!
at least our future that is... this is what we are using.
This has been a very full day! Thanks boys for all your hard work!

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