Friday, October 29


It has been a full few days since Mom went HOME...
And as I read through and write stuff for her funeral - I am finding that I am already missing her so terribly much.
The tears are flowing.
With my parents gone,
And now with Alvin's parents gone
We are truly orphans...
And I am so sad.
Last night we gathered for supper - in the common room at Mom's condo.
All were in the room, and yet I realized I was waiting for Mom to come down so we could start.
I know where Mom is...
But I am already missing her so much.
tears fall
washing over sorrow
mixing with love
and falling silently
She is with those she loves - in Heaven
We know that - but miss her so so SO much...
Mom, I love you.
Thanks for being my mom, and my kids grandma, and great - grandma
We love you and miss you

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Jean said...

You may feel a bit like an orphan but truly you are not one. You have your heavenly Father always at your side and going before you.

Thinking of you in these sad days.

One of the things that hit home when my Mom went home to be with the Lord - the last of our parents - was that now the responsibility of the "head of the family" now lies with my generation. Not that I feel up to the responsibility.

Love in Him, Jean