Wednesday, October 13

the first of each trip - to two different "homes"

Today was quite the day. I actually feel like I am too pooped to write anything, but I realize that this has become a way for some of you to follow the updates on Mom Klassen. So here goes.

I went to the hospital. Ingrid hung out at the condo while a hospital bed was delivered. We thought it would be a good idea since Mom has not slept flat in a bed in over two months - and Mom agreed.

I was a little ticked this morning - to find out that the ward clerk wanted to know when she was leaving as "we need the bed"... so obviously when I came - there was Mom sitting in the chair - all ready to go.

We came home - and Mom was reintroduced to her condo! It was obvious that she felt joy in coming home. And honestly, it was one of the most wonderful things that she has experienced in so long. She came in - walked to her new chair (which she had no recollection of ever sitting in before we took her to hospital) and reclined... happy, exhausted and still.

Ingrid and I talked. My son has called a "family meeting" to talk about how to do the care. Right now - it is relatively easy as she can still get around ... but we know (unless God takes her before then) that this will get progressively worse. Only God knows the time however.

Alvin and I have decided to sleep there for the night. Somehow, the thought of going from hospital where you have someone checking in on you - to home, and having no one during the night - is not a thought I want to live with. So we are going to stay there.

Please keep us in your prayers. I will be honest - I am absolutely tired beyond tired! I know it is showing. I am trying to keep the good front with Mom - because the last thing I want is her to feel guilty that we are caring for her. As I said to her yesterday - "you cared for Omi because you loved her.... we are doing the same."

The scary part is - we don't know for how long - therefore, "pacing ourselves" is something I should have tried to figure out 9 weeks ago.... how do you pace yourself for Pete's sake? Anyone know?

On Tuesday Mom said, "I just want to go home for a few days and then I want the Lord to take me home." Let's face it - she is tired.... actually she is exhausted. But then - only God knows when the day is that he has ordained for her... we will just continue to care for her till that time.

We covet your prayers on her behalf and on our behalf as a family... most of all, for strength for each of us as we care for her. We are in it for the duration - whatever that may be.
thanks for praying!

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Anonymous said...

Well, for Pete's sake, I dunno either how you pace yourself in this kind of a journey. Praying for strength for you and totally knowing that our Father will take care of you well, and get your mom to Him at just the right time. Blessings and a hug. Trace