Monday, October 4

John Klassen Memorial 2010

These pictures following are from the first JKM Camping Trip in 2006
Adrian has grown!

Well, the boys went, they camped and they returned safely!
It was the John Klassen Memorial camping trip 2010.
History behind the trip: Dad/Grandpa (John Klassen) loved to go camping. As a family, they camped alot. He also canoed alot with his boys especially.
Dad LOVED nature. (exactly like Alvin)

So, when he passed away in July 2006, Josh came up with the idea of doing a John Klassen Memorial camping trip. On the first one, they went to this island, that was totally overrun with mice! (Josh woke up from a dream where something was nibbling on his fingers. In the morning he took the new shirt he had bunched up to use as a pillow, and found that mice had chewed holes in it! The dream was not a dream!)

When they went on the first camping trip, Josh had dug up a tree that Grandpa had planted on the land in Anola. They had a little ceremony and planted it. They wanted to check it out this year to see if it had survived. (unfortunately, the rocks and everything around the tree were still there undisturbed, however something had chewed off the tree that first year, so it was a stick left! There were teeth marks. Must have been a beaver.)
Anyhow - they decided to return to Mud Turtle Lake. The plans were put into motion back in August. The weekend was chosen. Canoes rented and picked up. Neil made the menu and grocery list. I went shopping for them and packed the food up. Soon we were praying a blessing over them, and kissing them good-bye.

It seems they had a wonderful time. Alvin took some beautiful pictures, which I have decided to share with you on my blog! They laughed, they canoed, they ate till they were over-full. They talked, roasted marshmallows, used pie irons, and just hung out! Bonding - male style.

I keep thinking of how much fun it would be if Dad/Grandpa was there with them!

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ashley marie photography said...

i also love that uncle neil is still wearing that same sweater on this trip :)