Wednesday, October 20

Pouring it on.....

Saturday morning - as I turned heading toward Henderson, I could see the Barn and the pump from miles away.... this picture is actually zoomed in
The concrete is pumped from the cement truck into the pump truck and then wherever it is needed.
The guys are busy doing last minute prep before the "pour" begins.

So - the team for the morning was Alvin, Josh, Michael Thiessen (son in law), Elmer Thiessen and Mike Frank (who I tease about adopting him)
Looks almost like half of a McDonald's Golden Arches!

prep work...

cement truck and pumper

this guy wore the controls to the pumping arm, around his waist

Josh waiting for the pumping arm to come down

and.... out it comes!

as sappy as it sounds - you have to know that my heart was skipping a beat as I watched!
the house has begun!

waiting for truck #2 to arrive
unfortunately there was a little too much "waiting" time between trucks
so what we saved on the cement -
we paid for in pumping time since he sat there and waited before and in between trucks.

all hands on deck!

Michael (son-in-law) and his Dad worked at leveling it

sun shining over the piles of mud!

many geese flew past that morning!

Blue Sky - nothing but blue sky do I see!!

Second of 3 trucks...

getting in those corners!

Corner number 3

my son has worked the knees out of his jeans by the looks of things!

cleaning off the tools...

the footing is D-O-N-E!!
Following this we gave the pump driver our address for the bill!
And next thing we knew Betty and Willy were in the driveway with muffins/fruit and coffee.
After a coffee break, we then all went to the corner for a breakfast/lunch.
The boys worked hard from 8 - 11 am....
This part of the job was done.
Lord, thank you....